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Self-Paced Online Courses Review List


Course Length
Course TitleCurrent Version
7:35ABA Certificate in BSA and AML Compliance1
12:30ABA Certificate in Compliance Essentials6
5:30ABA Certificate in Deposit Compliance for Compliance Professionals2
8:25ABA Certificate in Lending Compliance Core Concepts for Compliance Professionals1
13:45ABA Certificate in Mortgage Lending Compliance for Compliance Professionals2
0:30Bank Bribery Act for Compliance Professionals1
0:30Bank Protection Act for Compliance Professionals1
1:20BSA/Anti-Money Laundering for Compliance Professionals1
0:30CAN-SPAM Act for Compliance Professionals1
0:45Community Reinvestment Act, Community Bank (CRA) for Compliance Professionals1
1:00Community Reinvestment Act, Large Bank (CRA) for Compliance Professionals1
1:00Credit Card Regulations for Compliance Professionals1
0:55Digital Compliance for Compliance Professionals1
1:30Electronic Funds Transfer Act (Reg E) for Compliance Professionals1
0:55Elements of a Compliance Program for Compliance Professionals1
1:30Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) for Compliance Professionals1
0:50Expedited Funds Availability Act (Reg CC) for Compliance Professionals1
1:45Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) for Compliance Professionals1
0:35Fair Debt Collection Practices for Compliance Professionals1
0:25Fair Housing Act for Compliance Professionals1
0:50FDIC Coverage for Compliance Professionals1
0:40Federal Benefit Payment Garnishment Rule for Compliance Professionals1
1:00Flood Disaster Protection Act for Compliance Professionals1
1:15Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) for Compliance Professionals1
0:40Homeowners Protection Act for Compliance Professionals1
0:30Loans to Insiders (Reg O) for Compliance Professionals1
0:35Military Lending Act for Compliance Professionals1
1:00Navigating Laws, Rules, and Regulations for Compliance Professionals1
0:55Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) for Compliance Professionals1
1:40Privacy/Information Sharing for Compliance Professionals1
0:45Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) for Compliance Professionals1
0:50Reg Z Ability to Repay (ATR) and Qualified Mortgage (QM) for Compliance Professionals2
1:10Reg Z Closed-End Mortgage Credit for Compliance Professionals1
1:15Reg Z Foundations and Closed-End Non-Mortgage Credit for Compliance Professionals1
0:50Reg Z Open-End Credit for Compliance Professionals1
1:10Reg Z TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID) for Compliance Professionals1
0:30Reserve Requirements for Depository Institutions Act (Reg D) for Compliance Professionals1
0:40Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing (SAFE) Act for Compliance Professionals1
1:00Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) for Compliance Professionals1
0:45Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act for Compliance Professionals
1:10Truth in Savings Act (Reg DD) for Compliance Professionals1
1:10Unfair, Deceptive, or Abusive Acts or Practices (UDAAP) for Compliance Professionals1

Retail Banking

Course Length
Course TitleCurrent Version
5:58Bank Solutions Provider Certificate1
14:12Bank Teller Certificate24
0:12  Bank Marketing: Building Customer Relationships2
0:12  Bank Payment Systems and Technology2
0:12  Bank Sales and Service: Expanding Customer Relationships2
0:12  Banks and Personal Wealth Management2
0:12  Banks and the Deposit Function2
0:12  Banks and the Economy2
0:12  Banks as a Business2
0:12  Business and International Banking Services2
0:12  Introduction to Banking2
0:12  Lending as a Cornerstone of Banking2
0:12  Safeguarding Bank Assets and the Nation2
0:12  Safeguarding the Customer and the Bank2
14:40Branch Manager Certificate1
0:20Coaching to Support the Sales Process Suite3
0:15Communicating Vision2
0:20Communication Basics Suite1
5:40Community Bank Suite – Foundational Skills5
2:03Community Bank Suite – Management Skills1
1:12Community Bank Suite – Onboarding Basics1
0:35Community Bank Suite – Sales Skills3
0:30Conscious Bias1
0:55Culturally Respectful Customer Service1
10:00Customer Service Representative Certificate8
3:00Dealing Effectively with Co-workers4
2:50Digital Banker Certificate1
1:00Digital Banker Suite1
0:45Employment Law2
0:40Essentials of Workplace Conduct3
0:15  Effective Referrals Suite4
0:20  Making the Client Call Suite4
0:20  Overcoming Objections Suite3
0:15  Relationship Sales Suite5
0:20  Sales Planning Suite3
0:30Event Networking1
0:20  Consumer Credit Basics1
0:20  Consumer Loan Process1
0:12Growing Small Business Relationships Suite1
3:00Improving Productivity3
3:15Introduction to Analyzing Financial Statements3
0:15  Coaching2
0:15  Corrective Action2
0:15  Effective Meetings2
0:15  Employee Recognition2
0:15  Interviewing2
0:15  Managing Performance2
2:00Managing Change1
1:00Managing Time at Work2
0:10Online Communication Suite1
0:48Presentation Skills Suite1
13:45Personal Banker Certificate 1
6:00Personal Tax Return Analysis3
1:25Referring Insurance and Annuity Clients4
0:35Referring Investment Clients4
0:40Referring Trust Clients3
0:25Relationship Sales for Small Business Clients Suite1
0:40Sexual and Workplace Harassment4
1:00Sexual and Workplace Harassment for Managers4
2:00Successful Sales Campaigns (Creating Sales Campaigns)3
11:30Supervisor/Team Leader Certificate1
0:50  Cash Handling4
0:40  Handling Checks4
1:15  Processing Transactions3
1:00  Providing Quality Customer Service3
0:45  Robbery and Bank Security2
0:25  The Changing Role of the Teller2
2:07Transitioning Careers – Basic Bank Training for Veterans Suite1
0:41Understanding Business Bank Products Suite1
1:18Understanding Consumer Bank Products Suite1
9:30Universal Banker Certificate1
0:20Verbal Communication Suite1
0:30Why Quality Customer Service Matters Suite3
0:21Written Communication Suite1

Wealth Management and Trust

Course Length
Course TitleCurrent Version
9:00ABA Certificate in Asset Management1
3:15ABA Certificate in Core Concepts and Ethics for Fiduciary Advisors1
1:35ABA Certificate in Fiduciary Principles and Ethics1
4:45ABA Certificate in Fiduciary Relationship Management1
1:40ABA Certificate in Fiduciary Risk and Compliance1
12:00ABA Certificate in Integrated Wealth Planning and Advice1
5:30ABA Certificate in Trust Administration1
0:40Account Acceptance and Termination2
0:25A Deeper Dive into Non-Financial Assets1
0:40Alternative Investment Products1
0:54Applied Behavioral Finance1
0:30Applying Fiduciary Principles and Ethics1
0:40Asset Allocation and Diversification1
0:50Bond Selection and Analysis1
0:30Developing and Delivering a Compelling Personal Value Proposition2
0:30Developing a Personalized Wealth Management Strategy1
0:40Discretionary Distributions1
0:40Duties and Powers of the Trustee1
0:55Economics & Markets2
0:40Education Planning for Minors1
0:30Effective Client Engagement Through "Wealth Personas"1
0:15Emotional Intelligence for Wealth Advisors1
0:30Engaging in Multigenerational Conversations with Clients1
0:25Engaging with Centers of Influence1
0:25Environmental Liabilities of Fiduciaries1
0:45Estate and Probate Administration1
0:45Estate Planning for the Business Owner1
0:40Estate Planning for the Marital Deduction2
0:30Estate Planning Fundamentals1
0:35Federal Estate Tax1
0:20Fiduciary Compliance1
0:35Fiduciary Ethics1
0:55Fiduciary Income Tax1
0:25Full Balance Sheet Advice1
1:10Fundamentals of Insurance1
0:55Fundamentals of Life Insurance2
1:00Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax1
0:40Gift Strategy and Taxation1
3:51Health Savings Account (HSA) Expert Certificate4
0:25Importance of Proper Titling of Assets and Regular Titling Reviews1
1:10Individual Income Tax1
0:30Individual Retirement Accounts1
0:20Interacting with Financial Advisors1
0:25Introduction to Fiduciary Risk Management and Compliance1
0:20Introduction to Integrated Planning and Advice1
0:25Introduction to Investment Management1
0:35Introduction to Trust Administration1
0:35Investment Policy1
1:00Investment Products1
0:20Investment Strategies for Inherited Wealth1
0:30Know Your Competition1
0:30Life Insurance Policies1
0:30Managing Fiduciary Risk and Litigation1
0:30Managing the Dynamic Nature of Client Financial Needs1
0:30Mastering the Art of Inquiry1
0:35Philanthropic Planning1
0:37Planning Considerations for Life Insurance1
0:45Planning for Retirement1
1:14Post-Mortem Tax Planning1
0:30Preparing the 7061
0:25Prudent Portfolio Management1
0:50Qualified Retirement Assets1
0:20Selling Value1
0:35Special Needs Trusts2
0:35Stock Selection and Analysis1
0:30Structure Analysis and Advice1
0:25Sustainable and Responsible Investing1
0:30Trust Fundamentals1
0:30Types of Trusts1
0:41Understanding and Explaining Investment Performance1
0:30Understanding Fiduciary Principles1
0:25Understanding Gender, Culture, and Generational Influences in Managing Wealth1

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