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Agricultural Banking

ABA's advocacy, research and education is focused on helping the nation's agricultural and rural banks perform their vital role lending to and supporting rural America.

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ABA Agricultural Banks Performance Scorecard

Benchmarks your quarterly performance on 23 indicators against peer banks of similar size and agricultural loan concentration.

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3 Things Ag Bankers Need to Know

80% of America’s Banks serve agricultural customers. If you’re a part of the 5,000 banks with ag in their portfolio, these industry insights from ABA expert, Ed Elfmann, will help you take a closer look at ABA’s ag resources and expertise.

2018 Farm Bank Performance Report

This paper examines the 2018 performance of the 1,772 banks that specialize in lending to agriculture. These farm banks have 8,057 offices and employ 86,000 workers. Employment at farm banks increased by 1.8 percent in 2018. Since the end of 2008, employment at farm banks is up 24.4 percent.

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Farmer Mac: Secondary Market Ag Loan/Mortgage Sales

Farmer Mac is a vital player in the agricultural credit markets and provides increased access—and low-cost financing—to a broad spectrum of the farm community.

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