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Banks are just as committed to helping customers stay in their homes as they are to providing financing for single-family and multi-family housing. As the coronavirus pandemic affects customers’ and renters’ ability to meet their monthly obligations, banks are working with their borrowers and government agencies to reduce the economic impact of the pandemic.

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Expanding Black Homeownership

How can your bank be a catalyst for change? A panel of experts from banks, community organizations and public agencies takes a look at recent lending data for a deep conversation on expanding Black homeownership.


Promoting Homeownership Opportunities for All

ABA and its member banks believe everyone in this country should have the chance to own a home. Working with a range of stakeholders, ABA supports a number of specific policy changes that could remove some of the barriers standing in the way, especially in underserved communities.

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Participate in the COVID Help for Home Initiative

ABA and several industry and community groups are offering access to ready-to-use materials educating consumers on their mortgage relief options. Materials are free to members and fully customizable.

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ABA answers banker questions about forbearance and other real estate finance-related provisions in the CARES Act.

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Customer-Focused Mortgage Loan Fulfillment

Promontory MortgagePath combines extensive mortgage operations and compliance expertise with industry-leading technology to provide efficient, cost-effective mortgage fulfillment and due-diligence services. ABA members pay no implementation fees and get 10% off fulfillment fees. 

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Mortgage & Home Finance Regulatory Proposals

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