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ABA: The American Bankers Association
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Women continue to be under-represented in the banking industry. ABA would like to help lead and inspire women in banking by providing resources and opportunities to network with their peers.



Inclusive Leadership

A diverse workforce is critical to the strength and vitality of our industry. Morgan Stanley’s Carla Harris joins fellow bank leaders Jim Edwards and Nancy Huntington Stager to share how inclusive leadership can positively influence the creation of a diverse team.


Studies & Survey Results

SourceMedia's Most Powerful Women in Banking

ABA is a gold sponsor of SourceMedia’s Most Powerful Women in Banking annual event. The rankings, selected by SourceMedia editors, highlight the professional achievements and business acumen of the industry's leading women.

Banks of all sizes can also nominate one or more women with senior status within their organizations. The nomination process is open in May each year. State associations can provide letters of support to members they may encourage to apply.

Contact ABA's Kandace Welch for more information.

MinBanc Foundation Reimburses Training Costs

MinBanc Foundation, Inc. has distributed professional development grants in excess of $600,000 to further employee education and training opportunities at minority- and women-owned banks since their founding. MinBanc reimburses tuition, certificate and online training, and conference registrations—up to $5000 per bank, per calendar year. To learn more, visit minbanc.org or call 202-489-9932.

Useful Links

Committees, Councils and Working Groups

Represent your bank and ensure women's voices are included in the discussion that guides ABA's policy positions and advocacy efforts, and share insights with your peers.

Member Benefits Orientation Webinar

ABA Member Benefit Webinars showcase the many benefits of ABA membership and present all of the resources available to you as an ABA member.

Women's Leadership Forum

Engage and network with women bankers from across the country.

Women at Stonier

Gain insights into the Stonier experience from the individual perspectives of women advocates.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Resources on diversity, equity and inclusion, plus the latest on accounting, human resources and more to help your bank—and all banks—create a foundation for success.