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Cryptocurrency and Digital Assets Policy

ABA Position

ABA is working to help banks safely meet customer demand for digital assets while working to minimize any risk novel assets present to consumers or our economy. Interest in digital assets and cryptocurrency has exploded in the past year. Consumers are increasingly seeking to access these decentralized markets through trusted intermediaries such as banks. In parallel, where digital assets present novel risks to consumers, our financial infrastructure and our economy more broadly, ABA is advocating for a safer, more level regulatory playing field.

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Hu Benton

Hu Benton

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Regulatory Policy

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Brooke Ybarra

Senior Vice President, Innovation & Strategy

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Digital Assets Working Group

ABA’s Digital Assets Working Group convenes as needed to share information and discuss regulatory and legislative developments on digital asset issues, including central bank digital currency (CBDC), stablecoin, and “traditional” cryptocurrencies.