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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Banks of all sizes are strengthened by reflecting the diverse communities they serve.

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Inclusive Leadership

A diverse workforce is critical to the strength and vitality of our industry. Morgan Stanley’s Carla Harris joins fellow bank leaders Jim Edwards and Nancy Huntington Stager to share how inclusive leadership can positively influence the creation of a diverse team.

DE&I Takes Center Stage

In the above video, Morgan Stanley’s Carla Harris joined fellow bank leaders Jim Edwards of United Bank and Eastern Bank’s Nancy Huntington Stager to share how inclusive leadership can positively influence creating a diverse team.

In the June 10, 2020 CEO Update, Laurie Stewart and Rob Nichols make a Call for Change.

ABA's Workplace

ABA is committed to fostering a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace. A diverse workplace – one where a range of perspectives informs decision-making and where employees, our most valuable asset, are treated fairly and included – makes any organization stronger. Studies have shown it makes businesses more successful, too.

ABA consciously exemplifies inclusion by continuing to remove barriers to equitable access and opportunity. And we respect and value individual differences, experience, and contributions, incorporating these approaches into our daily practices.

Helping Banks Achieve DE&I Goals

As the champion of a successful banking industry that fuels economic prosperity for all, ABA is also committed to sharing with our members relevant information and resources that allow them to achieve their own diversity, equity and inclusion goals. These include ABA training, conferences, schools and initiatives, such as ABA’s Women's Leadership and Emerging Leaders forums.

ABA and our member banks will continue efforts to ensure our employees and leadership reflect the customers and communities we proudly serve.


Banks Are Committed to Diversity and Inclusion

Below are a few examples of what banks are doing and saying about diversity, equity and inclusion.

“We want every teammate to be able to come through the door to work every day and not have to leave at the door who they are.” –Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan

Why Diversity Is Good for Business

Industry Alliances

ABA works with organizations whose purpose is to promote and ensure diversity and inclusion within the financial services industry.

ABA Training

ABA offers training to help banks foster diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


MinBanc Foundation Reimburses Training Costs

MinBanc Foundation, Inc. has distributed professional development grants in excess of $600,000 to further employee education and training opportunities at minority- and women-owned banks since their founding. MinBanc reimburses tuition, certificate and online training, and conference registrations—up to $5000 per bank, per calendar year. To learn more, visit minbanc.org or call 202-489-9932.

Our Experts

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Naomi Mercer

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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Maggie Kelly

SVP, Executive Education and CEO Programs

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