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ABA: The American Bankers Association

Environmental, Social, and Governance Working Group

ABA’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Working Group will provide member banks with a forum for discussing the many facets of ESG engagement by banks, with a particular focus on advocacy.

The working group takes as its foundation that banks should be free to lend to, invest in, and generally do business with any entity or activity that is legal, without government interference, and that banks should also be able to choose not to engage in lending, investing or other engagement so long as they do not violate fair lending or other anti-discrimination laws.

The Working group will serve as a clearinghouse to connect member banks with resources, both at the ABA and external, with expertise in the various areas encompassing ESG issues, including reporting, communications, public relations, governance and advocacy.

ABA’s advocacy on ESG issues will be informed and guided by the Working Group and will work in conjunction with staff of the State Bankers Associations covering ESG issues.

Staff Contact: Joseph Pigg