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What are the requirements to maintain an ABA Professional Certification? 

Submit CE credit minimum requirements every 3 years, pay the certification annual fee and adhere to the Professional Code of Ethics. View Maintain Certification webpage for details.

How are CE credits reported?

CE credit submissions are entered into your certification manager record at aba.csod.com.

Are CE credits reported by knowledge area or topic?

Listing a specific knowledge area or topic is not required upon submission of CE credit.

How do I know if a training program is eligible for CE credit?

Search for APPROVED NON-ABA training from your Certification Manager record under ADD CE CREDIT. Contact external training provider prior to the event for credit approval information.

Training not pre-approved must go through a review process requiring a $50 fee.

Are CE credits required every year?

CE credit must be submitted by the 3-year CE cycle due date listed on your Certification Manager dashboard and not on an annual basis.

Is there an annual fee to maintain a certification?

There is an annual fee invoiced in October each year. Credit card payment made through your Certification Manager is due January 31.

Note: A $50 late fee applies after the due date.

Certified Professional

Can trainings completed prior to passing the exam and earning my certification count as continuing education (CE) credits?

The intention of a continuing education program is to promote continued knowledge and competence among certified professionals and to provide a basis for recertification. Therefore, professional training that is relevant to your certification can only be counted as continuing education and eligible for CE credit after successful completion of the exam.

How do I know if a training event has credit approval?

From your Certification Manager dashboard, complete a search under ADD CE CREDIT using the APPROVED NON-ABA CE option. Contact external training provider prior to the event for credit approval information.

Will internal bank training be eligible for CE credit?

Check with your training manager for in-house training approved for CE credit.

Note: Training manager may contact [email protected] to get additional details.

How do I submit CE credit?

From your Certification Manager, hover over ADD CE CREDIT to choose the applicable option:

  • APPROVED ABA CE: search to apply credit for ABA training completed through your organization training record.
  • APPROVED NON-ABA CE: search to apply credit for approved training completed through an external training provider.
  • SUBMIT CE FOR REVIEW: $50 fee will be required beginning March 1, 2022, for external training that has not been pre-approved.

When will CE credit appear on my Certification dashboard once submitted?

APPROVED ABA and APPROVED NON-ABA CE entries appears within 2 hours of your submission.

External training not pre-approved may take up to 5 business days.

Can I submit the same program for CE credit more than once?

A request for the same program more than one time during your 3-Year CE cycle will be declined as a DUPLICATE ENTRY. You may resubmit the same program every 3 years (or in the next CE cycle).

How do I verify a credit submission applied to my current CE cycle?

From your Certification Manager, click on EARNED CREDIT box to View CE Details and choose the current cycle date.

How do I edit a CE submission?

If you have marked your entry complete, send an email to [email protected] with details concerning your correction.

If your entry has a status of Registered (has not been marked complete), choose View Training Details from the dropdown and click Edit External Training in the upper left corner to complete an edit. Make sure you click Mark Complete to finalize your submission.

Do I need to send a certificate as proof of CE credit I submitted?

A certificate is not required as proof however you should keep a copy on hand for the duration of your 3-year CE cycle.

Can I earn excess credits (Carryover credit)?

If you submit excess CE credits over the course of your 3-Year CE cycle, ABA will automatically carry over up to 1/3 of your minimum required credit in the new CE cycle.

Carry-over credit is a benefit offered to those who report their CE credit by the due date. Carryover credit is added in March following the close of the CE cycle.

When is my 3-year CE cycle due date?

CE credit is due no later than January 31, three years following your start date. View 3-Year CE cycle start and end dates on your Certification Manager.

What happens if I fail to earn the required CE credit by the due date?

CE credit must be entered before your cycle can be advanced to a new 3-Year CE cycle. Email notifications alert you of possible decertification when CE credits do not meet the required amount. Decertification occurs 30 days after the due date.

How do I request a name change on my certification record?

Email your request to [email protected] with a copy of a government issued photo ID. You will receive email confirmation when the edit is complete.

How do I make a certification referral?

If you refer a candidate who subsequently sits for an exam, ABA Professional Certifications will waive your next annual certification fee. To submit a referral, please use the Certification Referral Form. In order to receive a waiver of your annual fee, we must receive the referral before the exam candidate submits his or her exam application and pays the exam fee.