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ABA: The American Bankers Association
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Preamble: ABA recognizes the importance of promulgating a code of ethics that emphasizes the conduct, competency, knowledge, professionalism, integrity, objectivity, and responsibility of each person qualifying as a candidate for certification. Therefore, ABA Professional Certifications has received and adopted the following Code of Ethics:

Whereas: Certified professionals must maintain a high standard of conduct, competency, knowledge, professionalism, integrity, objectivity, and responsibility as they discharge their duties in the practice of their profession.

Therefore, let it be known, that the Code of Ethics embodies the standards of professional behavior expected of all ABA Professional certification holders.

Therefore, I, by applying for an ABA Professional certification, agree to abide by the Code of Ethics at all times. Furthermore, I understand that I have a responsibility to all those who use my professional services. This includes customers, other financial institutions, governments, investors, the business and financial community, and all others who rely on the performance of my duties. I agree to:

  1. Conduct my professional affairs in a manner that avoids a conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest. If I become a party to a conflict, or the appearance of a conflict is created, I shall inform my supervisor as soon as possible.
  2. Conduct my personal and business affairs in a manner that does not damage the reputation of my employer. If self-employed, conduct my personal and business affairs in a manner that does not damage the reputation of my company.
  3. Place my employer’s interest above my own in all business matters, and exhibit a high degree of loyalty to my employer and to whomever I am rendering a service.
  4. Owe a solemn duty to uphold the integrity and honor of my profession and to encourage respect for it. I further agree to promote the continual development of the financial services industry, as well as my respective specialization.
  5. Avoid any activity that might create the appearance of potential personal financial instability, such as excessive gambling, excessive indebtedness or excessive speculation.
  6. Not use information that is not publicly available to invest in the stock of a company that is a customer, borrower, client or supplier of my employer, or share such information with the investment department or investment banking subsidiary of my employer, unless it is legally permissible.
  7. Safeguard the confidential nature of information concerning the business transactions and condition of my employer and of my employer’s present and prospective customers, clients, borrowers or suppliers, except where disclosure of such confidential information is required by state or federal law or regulation.
  8. Not have signed, nor will I sign, a consent decree with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or any state securities agency or be found guilty nor will I be found guilty in a competent court of jurisdiction or a federal or state regulatory proceeding of any of the following offenses: (1) securities law violations; (2) embezzlement; (3) fraud; (4) fraudulent conversion; (5) misappropriation of funds; (6)restraint of trade; (7) knowingly filing a false report with a federal or state bank or bank holding company regulatory agency; (8) failure to comply with any law or regulation governing the reporting or disclosure of a conflict of interest; (9) willful failure to file a state or federal income tax return; (10) violation of state or federal election campaign laws; and (11) participation in violations of the Bank Secrecy Act.
  9. Strive to become and remain proficient in carrying out my professional duties. If I accept responsibility for handling new and unusual professional activities, but I find that it is beyond my competency, then I agree that I am expected to become competent by diligently undertaking the work and study necessary to qualify myself, or to obtain the assistance of a professional possessing the necessary skills or competency.
  10. Use reasonable care in expressing opinions involving and related to the performance of my professional duties, and obtain sufficient evidence to warrant an opinion.

As evidenced by my acknowledgement, I have read and understand the information provided regarding eligibility requirements as well as ABA Professional Certifications’ Code of Ethics statement and I wish to apply for certification. I attest that all information that I have provided on this application and its required supporting documentation is correct. I further agree to abide by the stated code of ethics and program requirements as long as I remain a candidate for certification or a certified professional.