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Provider Instructions

ABA works with external training organizations to award CE credit to our Certified professionals. Credit is based on a standard 50-minute credit hour.

A program may be approved if the content is relevant to one or more job domains on a certification’s exam outline. Ensure your program applies prior to submission as review fees are non-refundable.

Note: Virtual conferences will have CE credit awarded similar to the live event. All recorded sessions may not have credit associated with them.

New CE Provider?

Email [email protected] for details how to be set up with a CE Provider profile to submit programs for review.

Read our CE Provider FAQs

External Training Provider Submission

  • Choose the Fee Type from the Purchase dropdown. Submit credit card payment.
    • Add program title(s) to the Order Summary to receive an email receipt.
  • Log into your CE App Manager record, choose Upload Materials and enter the program details.
  • Click Submit, wait for page to refresh and click Mark Complete to the right of your program title to finalize the submission.

Provider Responsibilities

Visit the CE Provider FAQs to answer your questions regarding:

  • Communicating approval
  • Requirements as a training provider
  • Creating a certificate of completion