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How do I submit my first review request?

Email [email protected] with the subject line, New Sponsor Request. Provide contact information in the body of the email (i.e. Full name, email address, phone, company name and company website). You will receive additional instructions on how to log into an online record and begin submitting program information.


How are fees assessed?

There is no annual sponsor fee; however training providers are charged a fee for each program review submission. These fees cover the administrative costs and are non-refundable.


When should I submit a program review request?

We recommend you submit a program at least 30 days in advance. This allows time for the review to be completed and program information added to the database. Certified professionals complete a search from a dropdown to apply the credit to their record.


Are virtual/on-demand programs eligible for review?

ABA CE does not need to be delivered live in order to be eligible for CE credit. This includes on-demand/recorded training programs.


Can a program be submitted after the event has taken place?

Yes, a program may be submitted after the event has taken place but is not recommended. Program sponsors are responsible for notifying attendees with the approval information so they may apply the program credit to their certification record.


How long does a program review take?

Allow up to 2 weeks for a program to be reviewed and added to the search options. Certified professionals will not be able to apply the credit until approval information is added to the database.


What statement can be used for programs that have been submitted, but not yet approved?

"[The title of program] has been submitted to ABA Professional Certifications for CE credit review and is pending approval. Once we receive notification of the credit approval, we will notify attendees."


What statement can be used to promote CE approval?

"ABA Professional Certifications is dedicated to promoting the highest standards of performance and ethics within the financial services industry. [The title of program] has been approved for [number of credits/certification] credits. This statement is not an endorsement of this program or its sponsor. Certified professionals will report these credits at aba.csod.com."


How long is the program approval valid?

An approval is good for one year. A reoccurring annual program must be submitted each year to be eligible for CE credit.


What are the responsibilities of the CE Provider once a program has been approved?

  • Communicate the amount of credit approved to all attendees.
  • Provide attendees with a certificate of completion (see sample template). Certificate of completion can be in any JPG or PDF format and must contain:
    • Name of participant
    • Name of sponsor
    • Name of program
    • Date of program
    • Nature of program (webinar, school, conference)
    • CE Credits awarded
  • Verify an attendee's participation in a program upon their request for up to 3 years after the program.

What would cause a program to be denied CE credit?

Programs can be denied for a number of reasons. The most common reasons are:

  • Insufficient support materials
  • Program content does not apply to the exam outline