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Teach Children to Save

Register for free today, and gain access to all Teach Children to Save program materials and resources through December 31, 2024.

What you’ll need to register in 2024:

  • The communities you expect to reach (participating city/state)
  • Number of people you intend to reach (estimates are welcome)
  • Number of staff volunteers (estimates are welcome)

Once you’re registered:

You’ll get a confirmation email with access to program materials, and all the information you’ll need to educate kids in your community about financial topics.

Bankers: Register  Update Participation

Consumers: Request a "Teach Children to Save" Presentation

Have questions? Contact us at [email protected].

About Teach Children to Save

Teach Children to Save is now easier and more fun than ever—both for bankers, and for kids. Whether you impart personal finance knowledge on Teach Children to Save Day (the 4th Thursday in April) or any day of the year, you’re part of this financial education movement.

Help elementary and middle schoolers in your community learn good savings habits through free, banker-led outreach opportunities. Whether you raise financial awareness in your branch, through digital platforms, community events or virtual presentations, you can meet your audience where they are with ease. Check out our communications toolkit for plug-and-play ideas, and screen engaging videos at your leisure that cover topics that matter most to our financial education mission—your K-8 audience will be at the edge of their seats. Whether you use our library of resources, or mix and match with resources of your own, register for Teach Children to Save to show off how your bank advocates for financial education.   


About the Program

Banks of all sizes that actively provide youth financial education, using any curriculum, are invited to register their participation in Teach Children to Save at no cost. The list of program participants is shared with State Bank Associations, policymakers and consumers. Additionally, registered participants will receive access to all Teach Children to Save resources. 

Teach Children to Save Materials

Annual Teach Children to Save Day


Tell Us How You Teach Children to Save

Whether you use your own curriculum or ABA's, you're eligible to participate. Tell us how you teach children to save, in your community.