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This program is subject to change. Please bookmark this page to check for continuing updates. Read ABA Conference Policies to help answer additional questions.

  • Sunday, Oct 27

  • Monday, Oct 28

  • Tuesday, Oct 29

Sunday, Oct 27

8:00 am — 6:30 pm


2:00 pm - 4:30 pm


This hands-on workshop is part of ABA's strategic partnership with Alloy Labs Alliance, a technology platform that helps banks identify, develop and implement new fintech products. During this session you'll learn how to move from strategy to execution on your most important priorities.

5:00 pm — 6:00 pm


Grab a cocktail and listen in as industry providers highlight the benefits of their solutions.

6:00 pm — 7:30 pm


See and taste Seattle through its famous nickname the Emerald City. Enjoy local food, beer and wine as we kickoff the opening of the 2019 convention.

Monday, Oct 28

7:00 am — 6:00 pm


7:00 am — 7:50 am


The Need for Speed: Navigating the Maze of Faster Payments

Community banks across the country are working hard to keep up with the changing payments behavior of their accountholders. Examine the various faster payment options that are available in the marketplace and how community banks can leverage these payment types to meet customer expectations while potentially driving new revenue streams.

Sponsored by The Clearing House

  • Tim Mills, The Clearing House

The Rewards and ROI of Digital Lending Technology

Today’s borrowers expect a cutting-edge and seamless digital experience and banks have an enormous opportunity to expand lending through user-friendly and automated digital platforms. Hear keys to success in adopting technology that makes loan underwriting, processing and funding faster and more profitable.

Sponsored by Velocity Solutions

  • Christopher Leonard, CEO, Velocity Solutions

8:00 am — 9:30 am


Be Bold

As one of the most successful soccer coaches in history, Jill Ellis has plenty of experience in molding rosters of talented individuals into successful teams. Your team may not be playing for the World Cup, but Ellis’ message is universal—be bold.

  • Jill Ellis, Head Coach, United States Women's National Soccer Team
  • Moderator: Rob Nichols, President and CEO, American Bankers Association

9:30 am — 10:30 am


10:30 am — 12:15 pm


Perceptive Leadership

Effective leaders understand both the external and internal environmental factors that affect their people and their business. They inspire, provide clarity of purpose, seek diversity of thought and contrary views, and build a culture of trust. With your peers, you’ll learn to develop a keen awareness of external forces and turn threats into opportunities to help build a strong, successful organization.

  • Kathy Pearson, PhD, Enterprise Learning Solutions, Inc.

10:30 am — 12:15 pm


10:30 am - 11:15 am


Using Unconventional Wisdom to Grow Core Deposits

Learn how applying an omni-channel approach to marketing, using big data and digital solutions to align people, products and policies — helping you double new customer acquisition and improve ROA and ROE 30% over time.

  • Dr. Sean Payant, Chief Consulting Officer, Haberfeld
  • Jenny Hosfeld, Chief Banking Officer, Think Mutual Bank

The Anatomy of a Bank Acquisition Transaction

The current environment present many banks the opportunity to evaluate some type of merger or acquisition transaction. Find out how community bank officers and directors can prepare for a potential merger or acquisition through a step-by-step overview of the process.

  • Greyson E. Tuck, Attorney and Consultant, Gerrish Smith Tuck

Enabling the AI-Driven Bank with Automated Maching Learning

Automated machine learning helps banks of all sizes use artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce costs, increase revenue and drive bottom-line growth through the use of predictive models. Whether it's automating manual processes, optimizing decisions or avoiding bad risks, the potential is enormous.

  • H.P. Bunaes, General Manager, Banking Industry, DataRobot

Washington Update: Breaking News on the Policy Debates that Impact You and Your Bank

Hear a hot-off-the-press briefing from ABA’s senior policy team on policy matters that may impact your bank’s future.

Is Congress poised to enact legislation allowing banks to serve the cannabis business? Are regulators—maybe even Congress—ready to move forward on AML/BSA reform? What is the CFPB doing on mortgage regulation? What’s happening with CRA reform, national rate cap issues, and CECL rules? Find out what our policy experts have to say and more during this engaging discussion.


  • Naomi Camper, Chief Policy Officer, American Bankers Association
  • Wayne Abernathy, Executive Vice President, Financial Institutions Policy and Regulatory Affairs, American Bankers Association
  • James Ballentine, Executive Vice President, Congressional Relations, American Bankers Association
  • Ginny O'Neill, Executive Vice President, Regulatory Compliance and Policy, American Bankers Association
  • Jess Sharp, Executive Vice President, Advocacy and Innovation, American Bankers Association

11:30 am - 12:15 pm


The Farm Bill, Hemp Legalization and Banking

Can I bank hemp? Join us to discuss the evolving legal and regulatory landscape for individual hemp and what banks should expect when serving this industry.

  • Geoff Whaling, Chairman, National Hemp Association
  • Moderator: Rob Rowe, Vice President and Counsel, Consumer and Regulatory Compliance, American Bankers Association

Leading in a Diverse Organization

Data shows that organizations perform better when guided by diverse points of view. Vigeo Alliance will present a compelling case for how banks can approach diversity and inclusion to make meaningful changes in their culture and create more powerful and successful organizations.

  • Cassi Chandler, CEO and Managing Partner, Vigeo Alliance
  • Ed Dwyer, President and Managing Partner, Vigeo Alliance

Third-Party Cyber Risk Management

More information coming soon

  • Moderator: Paul Benda, Senior Vice President, Risk and Cybersecurity Policy, American Bankers Association

Is Your Holding Company Worth It?

In 2017, two large banking organizations shed their holding companies. Since then, several smaller banks and savings and loans announced similar consolidation plans. The decision to retain a holding company requires careful consideration of a bank's unique needs. Hear whether the holding company model is appropriate for you institution.

  • Matthew Dyckman, Counsel, Goodwin
  • Samantha Kirby, Partner, Goodwin

12:15 pm — 1:15 pm


12:15 pm — 1:15 pm


1:30 pm — 2:45 pm


Navigating the Future with Your Most Important Resource: People

Human capital is critical to your bottom line. Do you have a succession plan for your institution? Learn to tap into the value of your talent today to secure your bank's viability into tomorrow with key insights on maximizing resources and looking ahead within a changing industry. This three-part session features speakers on ethics, diversity, equity and inclusion, and talent management.

  • Part One: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    • Subha V. Barry, President, Working Mother Media
  • Part Two: The Talent Management Revolution
    • Peter Cappelli, Professor and Director, Center for Human Resources, The Wharton School
  • Part Three: High-Character Leadership: The Key to Sustained Success in Banking
    • Bruce Weinstein, PhD, CEO, The Ethics Guy, LLC

2:45 pm — 3:30 pm


3:30 pm — 5:00 pm


Chairman's Address

  • Jeff Szyperski, Chairman, American Bankers Association; President and CEO, Chesapeake Bank

State of the Industry

More information coming soon.

  • Thomas J. Fraser, President and CEO, First Mutual Holding Co.
  • Luanne Cundiff, President and CEO, First State Bank of St. Charles
  • Michael L. Scudder, Chairman and CEO, First Midwest Bancorp, Inc.; First Midwest Bank
  • Moderator: Rob Nichols, President and CEO, American Bankers Association

The Art of Leadership: Lessons from the American Presidency

Jon Meacham, Pulitzer Prize winner and presidential biographer, is known for his depth of knowledge in politics, religion and current affairs. His biography of former President George H.W. Bush was named one of the best books of the year by The Washington Post, New York Times Book Review and Time magazine. Meacham previously served as managing editor of Newsweek, where he was was recognized by The New York Times as one of the most influential editors in the business.

  • Jon Meacham, Pulitzer Prize Winner and Presidential Historian

5:00 pm — 6:30 pm


Grab your Halloween mask, or dress up, for a "spooktacular" time featuring ghoulish delights and beverages.

Tuesday, Oct 29

7:00 am — 1:30 pm


7:00 am — 7:50 am


Fake is the New Fraud

Learn how the industry is utilizing emerging fraud recognition techniques to improve the entire customer lifecycle and ongoing customer experience. Account Takeover, Phone Hijacking, and the impact of Synthetic Identity Fraud will be discussed.

Sponsored by Innovis

  • Jason Castillo, SVP, Enterprise Fraud Management, Citizens Bank
  • Jill McFarling, Senior Vice President, Fraud Analytics and Strategy , U.S. Bank
  • Jonathan Masteller, Fraud Project, Manager, Discover
  • Moderator: Allison Lemaster, National Sales Executive, Innovis

8:00 am — 9:30 am


Annual Business Meeting and Community Commitment Awards

Educating the Future Leaders of the Industry: City University of Seattle

Prepare for the challenges surrounding succession planning, retention and skills gaps shaping the industry’s future. Discover how ABA and City University of Seattle have invested in workforce development to attain and retain your top talent.

  • Randy Frisch, President, City University of Seattle
  • Moderator: Jim Edrington, Chief Member Engagement Officer, American Bankers Association

The Evolution of CRA and Community Engagement

For the first time in many years, proposed changes are expected to the Community Reinvestment Act, and the recent creation of Opportunity Zones offers prospects for new development partnerships. Additionally, changes in community needs and expectations in both urban and rural areas will likely reshape how banks serve their communities and meet their regulatory requirements in the coming years.

  • Lisa Mensah, President and CEO, Opportunity Finance Network
  • Phil Baldwin, Chief Executive Officer, Citizens Bank
  • Norman Bliss, SVP and Director of Community Development, KeyBank
  • Moderator: Naomi Camper, Chief Policy Officer, American Bankers Association

9:30 am — 10:30 am


10:30 am — 11:15 am


The Digital Transformation of Banking

  • Corey LeBlanc, Chief Digital and Innovation Officer, Origin Bank
  • Greg Palmer, Vice President, Finovate
  • Moderator: Lisa Gold Schier, Managing Senior Vice President, ABA Endorsed Solutions

Not Just Another Tax Reform Update

This session will look beyond the standard tax reform discussion to explore tax planning opportunities community banks and their boards need to know.

  • Lance Davis, CPA, Partner, BKD
  • Jennifer Sanders, CPA, Partner, BKD

Strategic Benefits of Capital Planning and Credit Stress Testing

Capital Planning is no longer an exercise reserved for troubled institutions or growth-oriented companies. It has evolved into a dynamic planning tool to evaluate the impact of interest rate, liquidity, credit, and operational risk. Learn how banks can leverage capital planning and stress-testing for strategic and competitive advantage. 

  • Mike Guglielmo, Managing Partner, Darling Consulting Group

A Business Case for Faster Payments

P2P? B2B? B2C? Join the discussion to learn where your bank should target its resources most effectively when implementing faster payments. What makes sense for your bank? 

  • Matthew Friend, Vice President, Global Faster Payments Strategy and Commercialization, Visa Inc.
  • Christopher E. Richards, Senior Vice President, Chief Banking Services Officer, The Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank
  • Moderator: Stephen Kenneally, Senior Vice President, Payments, American Bankers Association

11:30 am - 12:15 pm


Moving Mountains: Motivating Customers to Switch Banks

The likelihood of a customer changing primary bank accounts is surprisingly low. In this session, we'll explore why customers don't change banks even when they are offered substantial incentives. We'll also explore new tools in deposit management that will help banks optimize customer acquisition and deepen engagement.

  • Wei Ke, PhD, Managing Partner, Simon- Kucher & Partners
  • Stephen E. Scroth, Head of Consumer Banking and Global Experience Design, KeyBank, N.A.

What Makes Great Boards Great: Best Practices in Board Governance & Leadership Succession

A bank's board of directors can be one of the institution's greatest assets — providing strategic oversight, supporting leadership initiatives and ensuring continuity through orderly succession. But many bank boards struggle to add skilled directors. Hear tactics for ensuring successful board selection, governance and succession.

  • Alan Kaplan, Founder and CEO, Kaplan Partners

Why Banks Must Embrace Innovative Technology to Survive

If community banks want to survive. they must offer the frictionless experience today's customers demand and attract new talent in their institution. Hear how forward-looking financial institutions foster this culture of change and develop cutting-edge tools that allow them to prosper in today's competitive landscape. 

  • Pierre Naudé, CEO, nCino
  • Frank Sorrentino III, Chairman and CEO, ConnectOne Bank
  • Moderator: Rob Morgan, Vice President, Emerging Technologies, American Bankers Association

Lending Diversification

Hear the latest about five different types of lending products and innovative ways to deliver them to help your bank diversify options for your existing customers while attracting new ones as well. Mortgage lending, small business, construction, student loans, home improvement and consumer lending will all be discussed in a lively, fast paced session.

  • Ken Janik, Business Head, Promontech
  • Scott Magruder, CRegional Account Manager, Velocity Solutions, LLC
  • Will Sneed, Director, Lender Partnerships, LendKey Technologies Inc.
  • Jeff Keltner, Head of Business Development, Upstart
  • Moderator: Debbie Whiteside, Senior Vice President, Endorsed Solutions, American Bankers Association

12:15 pm — 1:30 pm


Attracting and Retaining Key Talent

A practical strategy for attracting and retaining key talent is more important during this low unemployment period. Hear nonqualified benefit strategies implemented and discuss how banks are using supplemental disability and long-term care plans to enhance their overall benefits package.

Sponsored by NFP.

  • David Shoemaker, NFP (formerly Equias)
  • Mike Dunn, Head of Institutional Insurance, Mass Mutual

M&A: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Sponsored by Keefe, Bruyette & Woods.

  • Scott Anderson, Managing Director, Keefe, Bruyette & Woods
  • Jeff Wishner, Managing Director, Keefe, Bruyette & Woods

Why a Culture of Change is Key to Success

“Nothing is constant but change.” And banks must adapt by cultivating an internal culture of change, led by champions who can set a clear vision, empower their employees, and adopt the technologies necessary for a successful digital transformation. Hear lessons learned and best practices for a successful go-live.

Sponsored by nCino.

  • Jennifer Bernard, nCino

What if Trump Negotiated Your Next Core IT deal?

“This A-political, non-partisan and entertaining presentation will play out a scenario with POTUS being the lead negotiator against Core & IT suppliers. The scenario will help bankers obtain a fair, balanced and reciprocal trade agreement with their critical vendors.

Sponsored by Paladin fs and Gold Contract Coalition.

  • Aaron Silva,President and CEO, Paladin fs and Gold Contract Coalition

1:30 pm — 3:00 pm


An Afternoon with Paul Ryan

Former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives — the youngest speaker in nearly 150 years — Ryan was first elected to Congress at age 28 and spent two decades representing the people of Wisconsin's first congressional district. Before becoming speaker, he was chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee and the House Budget Committee. His tenure as Speaker included efforts to overhaul the nation's tax code, criminal justice system and domestic energy production. He'll share his expert Washington outlook and talk with ABA about banking and the economy.

  • Paul Ryan, Former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives
  • Moderator: Rob Nichols, President and CEO, American Bankers Association

3:00 pm — 4:00 pm


Close out the conference in style as we say farewell to Seattle and hello to Boston — Beantown — site of the 2020 Annual Convention.