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Entries are judged based solely on the narratives written in the entry form that address the following:

  • Need of the Community
    What critical need in the community does the program address and how does it provide a solution for that need?
  • Institution Role and Involvement
    What numbers of volunteer hours, and/or amount of financial and other resources were devoted to the implementation and success of the program? What was the level of executive engagement? How does the program rank in the institution's priorities? Considering the resources dedicated to the program, what was the return on investment?
  • Program Uniqueness and Creativity
    What is original or innovative about the program? If the program is an existing initiative, how is it implemented in a new way? Are there similar programs in the community? If so, why was this program needed?
  • Sustainability
    Is the program sustainable over the long term? Could it be grown to be implemented on a larger scale?
  • Program Results
    What tools or metrics are used to monitor and gauge progress and success? What measurable success has the program achieved? How were the outcomes of the program beneficial to the community and to the bank?
  • Community Partnerships
    How has the program engaged the community, non-profit organizations and local civic and governmental leadership in achieving its mission? Was a public-private partnership formed to implement the program? If so, how did it contribute to the program's success?
  • George Bailey Distinguished Service Award Judging Criteria
    Describe the issue or challenge the nominee sought to address. Describe the impact his or her efforts made to the community and the bank. How has his or her efforts inspired others at the bank? What characteristics make the nominee a candidate for this award?

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