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ABA: The American Bankers Association
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Mission Statement

Compliance Administrative Committee

Mission Statement

The ABA Compliance Administrative Committee, formerly the Compliance Executive Committee, consists of regulatory compliance managers representing banks from a wide range of assets and geographies. It is the mission of this committee to represent our constituents by: providing our unique expertise to directly support the objectives of the Center for Regulatory Compliance (CRC); and to provide strategic insight and advice to applicable areas of ABA in three key ways.

Agency Relations

The Committee will work with and provide feedback to ABA staff on proposed and final rules, including information about compliance implementation challenges and opportunities, to assist them in their interactions with the various bank regulatory agencies, and to help demonstrate and define the impact of regulations and enforcement.


The Committee will work with and provide input regarding the compliance implementation perspective to ABA staff in their lobbying efforts on behalf of the banking industry by assisting them in identifying, analyzing, and prioritizing legislative issues that may impact the regulatory environment of the banking industry.

Information Resources

The Committee will work directly with the CRC to identify and monitor the evolving role of the compliance professional, and provide input to ABA staff in the development, evaluation, and delivery of compliance management training and educational products for the benefit of the banking industry. In addition, the Committee will assist CRC in providing oversight and coordination with other ABA advisory boards and ABA staff involved with providing compliance products including but not limited to schools, conferences, publications, and various media and technological tools designed to educate and to enhance compliance management skills.