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Justification Kit | Bank Marketing School

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You recognize the value of attending the ABA Bank Marketing School, but you need to secure approval. Use this Justification Kit to help present your business case, including key messaging points you can customize to suit your needs.

Sell It!

  1. ABA Bank Marketing School, at the Emory Conference Center and Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia – (DATES).
  2. Attending the ABA Bank Marketing School will help me develop strategic marketing that aligns with our business goals.
  3. The program is designed to help attendees understand the strategic role of marketing in a bank, understand our specific market, clearly define the audience segments we want to reach, and define the appropriate channels we need to use – including digital and social, and deliver improved profitability and ROI.
  4. The program includes practical application of learning using the example of Edge Bank and Trust – a fictional bank with real-world challenges. Students take on the role of chief marketing officer to address significant business issues, and develop an impactful marketing strategy that delivers results.
  5. The program is carefully prepared to be relevant to institutions of all sizes.
  6. Courses are taught by practitioners who are experts in their respective fields.
  7. The school provides an immersive and challenging learning environment, with a mix of classroom and team learning.
  8. I will be with a diverse group of peers from across the country whose insights and perspectives will enhance the learning experience
  9. Costs:
    • Roundtrip Airfare: <$xxxx>
    • Transportation: <$xxxx>
    • Hotel: <$xxxx>
    • Meals: <$xxxx>
    • School Fee: <$xxxx>
    • The total costs associated with attending this school are: <$xxxx>

    Build Your Case

    • Offer to prepare a short presentation to share with colleagues outlining key learnings and maximizing your bank’s ROI for your attendance. Mention that course materials can be shared with your colleagues, providing a valuable resource tool.
    • Outline who will cover for you while you are attending the ABA Bank Marketing School.
    • Check out the registration page for applicable fees – ABA Members save $1,000 on registration.