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ABA: The American Bankers Association
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Anti-Financial Crime Management with Big Data

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Anti-Financial Crime Management with Big Data

Brought to you by: Verafin

In this episode: 

Corey Lynch, Product Manager for AML, Verafin
Sam Lisker, Executive Vice President, American Bankers Association



Verafin is the leader in cloud-based, cross-institutional Fraud Detection and Anti-Money Laundering (FRAMLx) collaboration software, with a customer base of 1700 financial institutions across North America. Using advanced cross-institutional, behavior-based analytics, Verafin helps financial institutions stay a step ahead of multiple types of fraud as well as the BSA, USA PATRIOT Act, and OFAC compliance landscape, while allowing them to collaborate cross-institutionally. Verafin is the exclusive provider of fraud detection and BSA/AML software for the Texas Bankers Association, Western Bankers Association, Florida Bankers Association, Illinois Bankers Association, and Massachusetts Bankers Association. It has industry endorsements in 47 U.S.states.