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Onsite Experience | ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking

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Attending Stonier is an intense, challenging and highly enjoyable experience! Over 8 days, you will be among 700 students and over 70 faculty members, enjoying a rich combination of team-based computer simulations, classroom lectures and interactive sessions. 

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Become a Leader

Stonier Networking

Connect Onsite 

Networking with Fellow Students

An important component of the Stonier experience is developing ongoing professional relationships that can last for years to come. You will meet fellow students from across the country and from over 15 countries, representing banks, regulatory agencies and industry providers. There is a rich diversity of genders, job titles and institutions represented among the student body.

Stonier Network

Held at the beginning of the school, these receptions provide a casual meet-and-greet atmosphere. Many students continue the conversation at nearby restaurants close to campus.

Attractive Location

Spending a week on an Ivy League campus is an experience in itself! Located in Philadelphia, The University of Pennsylvania campus is Stonier’s home – where undergraduate and graduate students have received best-in-class education for more than two centuries. The campus has sprawling lawns, beautifully tended gardens, collegiate quadrangles and informal places to gather and talk. Weather permitting, students often take their team assignments outside to enjoy the surroundings. Campus is a convenient distance from Philadelphia International Airport, trains and buses, as well as shops and restaurants – all in one of the city’s most vibrant, historic and diverse neighborhoods.


No dorm rooms! Stonier students stay in hotels that are accessible to campus. Some hotels are located closer to the downtown area in Philadelphia, allowing for easy exploration of the city, and other hotels are closer to the University. Rooms fill quickly, so the earlier students submit applications to Stonier, the better chance of securing preferred lodging.

Meals and Refreshments

A hot breakfast buffet is provided some mornings, with opportunities for “grab and go”, a full meal option or a few morning meals independently. Students receive a pre-loaded meal card for lunches throughout the week, which can be used at several locations. Morning and afternoon refreshments are also provided. Vegetarian options are available, and we will cater to special dietary needs.

Stonier Apparel

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Other Needs

The ABA team wants your experience on site to be as seamless as possible. Let us know if you have questions.

What People Are Saying

"I look back at my time at Stonier as a wonderful learning experience. I was surrounded by other banking professionals who also thirsted to learn more and expand their capabilities. I made friends I am still in regular contact with. I wish I could adequately convey the wonderful overall experience that Stonier provided me."

William Gunderman

President and CEO

John Deere Savings Bank

"The Stonier Wharton experience was simply fantastic! Not only did I meet great people, but the program itself enabled me to think beyond my comfort zone. As a result, I am a more enlightened banker."

Michael Hillstrom

Vice President

Whitney Bank

"Stonier provided a great setting for team-building and networking among students and instructors – providing a life-long pool of resources for graduates."

Daniel Silva

Director of Technology

Union Savings Bank