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Justification Kit | Compliance Schools - Foundational

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Justify Attending ABA Compliance Schools

You recognize the value of attending one of the ABA Compliance Schools. But in order to attend, you need to secure approval for your time away from the office as well as registration funds from your organization. Using this Justification Kit, you will find everything you need to present your business case.

General Tips & Talking Points

  • High Return on Investment: Outline how the time and money being spent for you to attend ABA’s Compliance Schools will help take your skills – and your bank’s performance – to the next level.
  • Efficient & Cost Effective: ABA Foundational Compliance School, ABA Intermediate Compliance School, and ABA Advanced Compliance School offer a comprehensive, time-intensive learning environment. Your attendance will be much more cost-effective and time-efficient compared to registering for multiple seminars or webinars.
  • World-class Education: The schools provide an in-depth curriculum developed and delivered by the banking industry's top thought leaders and practitioners that is unparalleled in the industry.
  • Three Programs Built to Suit Your Needs: The ABA Compliance Schools content is appropriate for institutions of all sizes. Additionally, multiple program offerings provide an educational environment tailored to meet the needs of compliance professionals at every stage of their career. 

Next Steps

  1. Offer to prepare a short presentation for your colleagues to share what you will learn, maximizing your bank’s ROI for your attendance. Mention that course materials you will receive during the School can be be used as a valuable resource tool for your team as you look to identify solutions for your clients.
  2. Be ready with a plan that shows who will cover for you while you are attending one of the ABA Compliance Schools. 

Keep Me Informed

Get updates on the next session of the Compliance Schools. Contact Nyel Rountree if you have any questions.