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Develop the Next Generation of Bank Leadership

Imagine teams of your top talent, working together across business lines and job functions, to affect the future profitability of your bank. With the ABA Business of Banking School®, you put your high performers in the CEO's chair, as part of a unique training solution that blends classroom learning with simulation-based team exercises to prepare your high-potential employees to move into leadership positions. Presented in your bank, at your convenience, and tailored to your culture and policies, this is a flexible and customized program designed to help you address the coming talent crisis.

Working in teams that represent competing banks, participants learn about the industry and test key decision-making skills. Using the BankExec® simulation, the results of each "bank's" decisions are calculated and shared with the group. Students then adjust their strategies and measure the effects on such areas as stock price, liquidity, debt, and profitability.

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Our Highly Acclaimed Program

  • Simulates real bank decision-making and competition in a "safe harbor" environment
  • Allows you to set bank and environmental parameters, including varying market strategies, interest rates, and type of economic environment
  • Addresses every major factor in bank profitability, from forecasting to risk management to product and service strategies
  • Views "success" through a wide range of criteria, including overall profitability, return on assets, return on equity, shareholder results, liquidity, compliance and more
  • Illustrates through real results, how the balance sheet drives the income statement — and ultimately bank profitability

And, the ABA Business of Banking School® also puts its graduates on an accelerated path at the nationally acclaimed ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking.