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Frequently Asked Questions

ABA Frontline Compliance Training: A free online compliance training solution for ABA member banks

Find answers to frequent questions about the Frontline Compliance Training program.


Is ABA Frontline Compliance Training really free?

Absolutely! As an added benefit of your ABA membership, you have unlimited access to ABA's online compliance courses and our Learning Management system (LMS), ABA's LMS — that's everything you need to train your entire workforce, track their progress and produce reports for both internal and bank examiner use.


How do I take advantage of this offer?

Signing up for ABA Frontline Compliance is easy. Sign up online: you're just a few clicks away!


Can I review ABA Frontline Compliance before I sign up?

Yes. There are two ways to gather more information before signing up.

  1. Sign up for a live informational webinar.
  2. Contact ABA Support at 1-800-BANKERS.

How long does it take to get started?

Once your License Agreement is submitted, it takes approximately one week for us to create your unique domain on our LMS, ABA's LMS, and register the bank administrator.

We will then contact the administrator via email with their login credentials and provide training and offer personalized implementation support. With ABA's implementation support, you can be up and running as quickly as you need to be.


Does ABA offer implementation support?

Yes. Through ABA Support, a team of specialists dedicated to providing implementation and ongoing support, we will help your bank get up and running by providing personalized support for the administrator, assist in creating user accounts, and make available resources such as the Compliance Training Roadmap for Frontline Staff which will help determine training plans for employees.


What is the role of the administrator?

There must be at least one administrator at the bank who manages the ABA Frontline Compliance Training program. The administrator will create user accounts for employees, enroll them in courses, and generate reports to monitor their progress. You may have multiple administrators.


Which regulations are covered by ABA Frontline Compliance Training?

ABA Frontline Compliance courses include all of the key federal banking regulations and topics that are important to banks. See a complete list of courses.


How will I know which courses my employees need?

ABA's regulatory compliance experts have developed a Compliance Training Roadmap for Frontline Staff that will help you identify which courses are appropriate for your employees. If you and/or your compliance officer do not already have a training plan, this is a great tool to help you develop a compliance training plan.


How will my employees access their training?

Courses may be accessed 24/7/365 on ABA's LMS from any computer that has an Internet connection. Each employee will receive a unique login ID and password to enter the system and complete their assigned training.

If your bank already has a learning management system (LMS), ABA will provide you with the compliance courseware, which can be loaded on virtually any industry-standard LMS.


Will my employees need access to the Internet?

Yes. Employees will need the Internet to access to ABA's LMS. This is a web site where employees log in to take courses and complete their training. If your bank limits employee access to the Internet, you will need to enable access to this specific web site: https://aba.csod.com.


Can employees access the courses if they do not have an email address?

Yes, but your training administrator would need to send login credentials and instructions to each participant. Employees who do not have an email address will also not receive due date reminders. Employees can use a personal email addresses, but they still need access to the Internet to launch their courses.


How can I track employee progress in these courses?

Administrators may run one of several standard reports to monitor employee progress, or they may build and run their own unique custom reports. All reports can be printed immediately or saved to Excel. It is common that these reports are shared with examiners upon their request.


Why is ABA making this offer?

ABA has helped the industry manage regulatory burden for more than 100 years. Bank regulation, however, is a fact of life. ABA is making this program available at no cost to member banks to help you control the growing cost of compliance training, which is part of the regulatory burden, and has become a key factor in risk management. Only ABA can provide this training free to its member banks.


Does ABA provide non-compliance training as part of this offer?

ABA provides a wide range of non-compliance training delivered over the Internet, in the classroom and by webinar. Your bank can license additional ABA online courses at a reduced rate. And, ABA's LMS can manage your entire training program, including both internal training activities and external events. Employees can also register for individual courses as needed.


How are courses assigned to employees?

The administrator may assigned courses to individual employees, by job role, by line of business, to all employees, or to groups created by the administrator. There are many options when it comes to assigning courses to make assigning courses as admin-friendly as possible.


Can due dates be placed on the courses?

Yes. When assigning courses, an administrator has the option of adding a due dates. The due date can be picked from a calendar or based on the employee's hire date. Due dates may also be edited for individual employees if needed. Employees may still access and complete the course after the due date has passed.


Do employees receive due date reminder emails?

If due dates are placed on the courses when they are assigned, the administrator has the option of sending email reminders which are delivered 30 days, 14 days, and 7 days prior to the due date. Employees receive the reminders only if they have not completed the course.


Is there a test at the end of each course?

Yes. At the end of each course, employees take and submit a test based on course objectives. Tests are graded automatically by the system and employees immediately see their score. Test may be taken as many times as needed to pass, and feedback is provided for both correct and incorrect answers. Test questions change after each attempt.


What is the passing score?

The passing score on ABA Frontline Compliance courses is 80%.


Can managers see their direct report's progress?

There is a My Team feature in the ABA LMS that allows managers to see their direct reports and their course progress. Specifically, the manager can see what courses were assigned, their status in those courses, and their due dates. Managers are also copied on their direct report's due date reminders. Administrators may take advantage of the My Team feature at their discretion.


How often are courses updated, and will new courses be added?

Courses are reviewed annually by ABA subject-matter experts and are updated as regulatory changes occur. In most cases these changes are made at least 30 days in advance of the regulatory or statutory compliance date so that banks can train affected staff prior to mandatory implementation. New courses are added as necessary to meet the training needs of our members.


Can I create my own courses?

You may create your own courses through a feature called Rapid eLearning. This is a customization and there is an additional cost for this feature. You create the course content in PowerPoint and the test (optional) in Word then send them to us. We will then build the course and make it available in your domain. You may assign and track Rapid eLearning courses like any other online course.


What if I have additional questions about the offer?

Contact Member Services at 1-800-BANKERS (800-226-5377) for more information.


"ABA Frontline Compliance is an essential tool for First United Bank & Trust and represents a value of nearly $15,000 when compared to other possible solutions. We are able to track compliance testing throughout the Company and are delighted that this service is included as part of our membership."

William Grant
Chairman and CEO
First United Bank & Trust

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