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Safe Banking for Seniors

Safe Banking for Seniors (SBFS) is a free national program, sponsored by the ABA Foundation, that provides bankers with the tools and resources to help older adults, their families and caregivers prevent elder financial exploitation.

The program consist of six turn-key modules with presentations, resource sheets, guides and more to help bankers connect with their local communities to share about: identifying and avoiding scams; preventing identity theft; choosing a financial caregiver; acting as a responsible financial caregiver; understanding powers of attorney; and choosing executors.

Free Registration/Update Participation

Consumers: Request a "Safe Banking for Seniors" Presentation

About the Program

Banks of all sizes can access Safe Banking for Seniors materials for free simply by registering for the program. Within 24 hours of registration, bankers will receive a link to all Safe Banking for Seniors resources, including presentation lessons, participant activities, communications tools and promotional materials. The list of program participants is shared with State Bank Associations, policymakers and consumers. 

Safe Banking for Seniors Presentation Guides

Presenter's Guides

Safe Banking for Seniors Presentation Slides

Presentation Slides

Safe Banking for Seniors Activity Sheets

Activity Sheets

Safe Banking for Seniors Resource Sheets

Resource Sheets


Bank Trends in Safeguarding Seniors’ Finances

Scam artists are ever on the move to exploit America's seniors. Banks are taking this threat seriously and have increased their efforts to combat financial fraud and abuse. Access the ABA Foundation’s recent webinar to hear about the latest bank trends in protecting seniors.

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