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Find Your Safe Banking for Seniors Link

Looking for an audience in your community to give a financial education presentation to? ABA Foundation’s FinEdLink component is for you. This free online portal matches banks with schools, agencies, faith-based ministries, community centers, and other organizations that are interested in having a banker present on age-appropriate personal finance topics. The ABA Foundation markets FinEdLink to non-banker audiences around the country to help you establish relationships in your community with those who have a vested interest in improving financial literacy.

To be a part of FinEdLink you need only check the opt-in box to agree to accept presentation requests when registering your participation in each of the Foundation’s financial education programs. You will find the opt-in option on the SBFS enrollment form once you are logged into the ABA Shopping Cart. Opting in then allows groups in your community to request a financial education presentation from your bank.

Opt-in to Participate 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will I receive presentation requests?

Once you opt-in to participate in FinEdLink on the Safe Banking for Seniors registration form, you will receive presentation requests via email from the ABA Foundation at [email protected]. This email will contain detailed information about the requested presentation. If you need any assistance, ABA Foundation staff is available help to facilitate these partnerships.

2. What should I do when I receive a request?

Simply click the accept link in the request email to notify the ABA Foundation that you will connect with the requester regarding a presentation. Using the contact information in the request email, reach out directly to the requester to coordinate logistics for the presentation. We ask that you contact the requester directly within two weeks of receiving the initial request.

3. What topics will I present?

You will be asked to present topics taken directly from the Safe Banking for Seniors program: Identifying and Avoiding Scams, Preventing Identity Theft, Choosing a Financial Caregiver and Acting As a Responsible Caregiver. In some cases, you may be asked to present more than one topic, but we recommend you connect with the requester to discuss what’s possible.

4. Where will the presentation be held?

Logistics for presentations will be coordinated between you and the requesters. Presentations can be held at the facility of the requesting organization, bank branch, public library or other community center.