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ABA: The American Bankers Association

Wealth and Trust School Level 1

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School Highlights

Why You Should Attend

In-Depth Experience

Advanced learning in fiduciary and trust activities, financial planning, tax law and tax planning, investment management and ethics.

Prepare for the Future

Insights that can help strengthen and grow your market base.

Networking Opportunities

Dedicated time to interact with industry experts and your peers.

What People Are Saying

"The Foundational Trust School provided me with skills and tools that will allow me to more effectively manage my client relationships. The diversity of the instructors is a major benefit as each instructor has a unique way of dealing with particular client situations."

"The curriculum broadened my understanding of the trust business and ways to manage risk. I gained insights on issues that affect my business from the diverse group of instructors. I now have new ways to look at client interactions, as well as think about my employer's policies and procedures in a more global view."

"The school heightened my ability to retain and attract quality clients by increasing my skills and expertise in estate planning and fiduciary management. I am now very comfortable discussing complex trust and estate planning issues with attorneys and other trust professionals.”

Keep Me Informed

Get updates on the next session of the Wealth and Trust Schools. Contact Kim Chancy if you have any questions.