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Curriculum | Advanced Wealth and Trust School


The Advanced Wealth and Trust School curriculum builds on Levels 1 and 2 curricula. The program consists of in-depth, comprehensive sessions and includes the latest advanced strategies in:

  • Developing and delivering full, balanced advice
  • Advanced investment strategies
  • Complex administration topics and
  • Navigating the dynamic nature of clients’ financial needs in context of generational, gender and cultural characteristics


All times are in ET.

  • Monday, November 1

  • Wednesday, November 3

  • Friday, November 5

  • Monday, November 8

  • Wednesday, November 10

  • Friday, November 12

Monday, November 1

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM


2:00 PM - 3:45 PM

Full Balance Sheet Advice and Case Study
Learn how to apply your knowledge of integrated planning and advice, financial and nonfinancial assets, and cash flow to analyze and interpret a client’s balance sheet. Gain insight into how a client’s asset, liability, risk, and cash flow can be utilized to create and deliver full balance sheet advice. You’ll also discover how to distill analysis into actionable advice.

  • Tony McEachern, Consultant

4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Managing the Dynamic Nature of Client Financial Needs and Case Study
Elevate your methods for developing a personalized wealth management strategy. Learn how to integrate a client’s life events into financial and estate plans. You’ll also understand how to look at a client’s wealth strategy to identify and address the need for new or modified services. 

  • Alvina H. Lo, Chief Wealth Strategist, Emerald Advisory Services, Wilmington Trust

Wednesday, November 3

1:00 PM – 3:15 PM

Advanced Philanthropic Planning Strategies & Administration and Case Study
Explore how legacy, family, and tax considerations affect philanthropic planning strategies that fulfill clients’ charitable intent. You’ll also learn how to engage clients on aligning investments and asset allocation with philanthropic strategies.

  • Stephanie Buckley, JD LLM, CAP®, Philanthropic Services National Leader, Wells Fargo

3:30 PM – 5:30 PM

Environmental Liabilities of Fiduciaries and Case Study
Learn how to avoid, mitigate or manage environmental fiduciary risk. Get an in-depth look at fiduciary liability under CERCLA and other environmental statutes, fiduciary activities related to pre-acceptance due diligence and asset reviews, and legal defenses available to fiduciaries.

Friday, November 5

1:00 PM – 2:45 PM

Investment Strategies for Inherited Wealth and Case Study
Expand your knowledge of inheritance strategies. Find out how to serve clients with inherited wealth and how to integrate that into an existing portfolio. You’ll also learn to navigate the diverse investment objectives of beneficiaries.

  • Dr. Erik Davidson, CFA, Professor of Finance, Baylor University

3:00 PM – 4:30 PM

Alternative Investment Products and Case Study
Understand how to engage clients on the benefits of alternative assets in investment portfolios. Learn to discuss how alternative assets perform under certain market conditions (rising, declining and flat markets) and how these assets can contribute to long-term investment objectives.

  • Dr. Erik Davidson, CFA, Professor of Finance, Baylor University

Monday, November 8

1:00 PM – 2:45 PM

Asset Allocation and Diversification and Case Study
Learn how to apply and adjust concepts and strategies for asset allocation and diversification, taking into consideration taxes as well as market and economic changes.

  • Michael Serio, CFA®, CAIA®, MBA, Director of Wealth Management, Ashton Thomas Private Wealth

3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Advanced Trust Administration Topics: Making Complex Decisions and Case Study
Gain insight into how to mitigate risks associated with complex trust administration situations by applying prudent fiduciary judgment. You will explore different types of complex considerations, such as unclear and unusual language, as well as beneficiary issues.

  • Mark A. Oller, CTFA, President of Family Wealth-Delaware, Wilmington Trust Company

Wednesday, November 10

1:00 PM – 2:45 PM

Importance of Proper Titling of Assets and Regular Titling Reviews and Case Study
Understand how to identify and address titling of financial and nonfinancial assets, and how titling fits into clients’ estate planning. Learn how to avoid common asset titling mistakes that can result in legal, tax, and relationship ramifications.

  • Austin Bertrand, CTFA, Vice President and Senior Trust Advisor, Northern Trust

3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Ethical Topics in Trust Administration and Case Study
Learn how to identify and address situations that could present ethical concerns for fiduciaries. Discover how to uphold ethical and fiduciary responsibilities when working with teams that include non-fiduciary advisors.

  • Kent Lytle, SVP and Fiduciary Executive (Retired), SunTrust Bank

Friday, November 12

1:00 PM - 2:45 PM

Understanding Generational, Gender and Cultural Characteristics in Managing Wealth and Case Study
Gain insight into how to adapt and personalize your approach when engaging clients of different genders, cultures, and ages. Learn how clients’ varying values and needs will affect their risk, investments, and financial confidence and priorities.

  • Alvina H. Lo, Chief Wealth Strategist, Emerald Advisory Services, Wilmington Trust

3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Capstone Case Study

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