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Program | Wealth Management and Trust Conference


2022 Program

We’re working on this event’s program. To see the types of sessions you can expect, check out the 2021 program.

2021 Program

  • General Sessions

  • On-Demand Sessions

  • Power Sessions

General Sessions


What’s Next?

The face of wealth management is changing, and this change has accelerated in the past year. Explore with our expert panelists what exactly is different due to COVID-19 and other environmental factors, and what it all means for advisors. You’ll also takeaway actionable insights and lessons learned in 2020.

  • Jim Hays, Head of Wells Fargo Advisors and Wealth & Investment Management Client Relationship Group, Wells Fargo Advisors
  • Michael G. Robinson, Executive Vice President, Director of Wealth Management, Huntington Bank
  • Rebecca Robinson, Executive Vice President/Director, Wealth Management, Zions Bank
  • Moderator: Dave Coffaro, Principal, Strategic Advisory Consulting Group


Diversity Is Good for Business

U.S. demographics are changing and we are expected to be a minority-majority country by 2045. Yet, the bulk of financial advisors are still overwhelmingly White, male and shrinking in numbers. As many struggle to hire and retain young and diverse talent, a recent research study was conducted to identify challenges and opportunities at peer firms. Learn the findings, which include responses from both advisory firms and investors.

  • Laura Gregg, Senior Vice President, Director of Practice Management and Advisor Research, Northern Trust Asset Management


2021 Economic and Market Outlook

Learn about the current state of the U.S. and international equity and fixed income markets from a seasoned expert. Greg Davis will share his views on both the U.S. and global economies, direction of interest rates, inflation trends, the Fed and other important topics.

  • Gregory Davis, CFA®, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer, Vanguard


Self-Care in Challenging Times

Practical steps to help you function at your best in times of both stress and peace.

  • Fabrice Braunrot, Retired Vice Chairman, J.P. Morgan
  • Moderator: Bill Martin, CFA®, Chief Investment Officer, INTRUST Bank


Washington Update

Bruce Mehlman has served at senior levels in politics, policy and business, and now helps Fortune 500 companies and innovative startups navigate the ever-evolving policy environment. Mehlman will present the latest activities in Washington impacting our clients and our industry, as well as trends in the marketplace.

  • Bruce Mehlman, Founder, Mehlman Castagnetti Rosen & Thomas


Generational Communication

Our communication habits are just that—habits. And habits, by their very nature, are things we do without thinking too much about them. They’re ingrained into our minds, into our behaviors. But what if we learned that we have habits that aren’t serving us? What if we learned that our habits were actually doing us more harm than good? 

Each of us have developed methods of communicating that we think serve us. But could it be that some of our communication habits are actually getting in the way of our client relationships? If so, what are those habits and how do we become aware of them and, most importantly, drop them in favor of a better behavior?

Cam Marston has studied generational trends and communication styles for over twenty years. He knows how the different generations relate and how advisors can articulate their value to clients. Cam will highlight each generation’s communication habits—from content to methods—and discuss how advisors may need to change to connect with and develop rapport with the different generations in today’s marketplace.

  • Cam Marston, President and Owner, Generational Insights


Rewriting the Rules of Client Engagement

COVID-19 is the latest in a series of developments that has been reshaping value in the financial advice industry for the past decade. New technologies, shifting demographics and new client expectations are also changing the client experience. Discuss the rapidly changing world of “attention economics,” its key components and the tactics that financial professionals can implement today to adapt their practices for tomorrow’s success.

  • Joseph F. Coughlin, PhD,  Director, MIT AgeLab
  • John Diehl, CFP®, CLU®, Senior Vice President, Applied Insights, Hartford Funds


Next Generation of Advisors: Interview with ABA’s 40 Under 40 Winners

Our 40 Under 40 in Wealth Management Award winners are a shining example of wealth management and fiduciary professionals who are committed to the highest standards of achievement at work and in their communities. Hear from a panel of winners as to what’s made them successful, and how they see the future of the practice.

  • Joshua Linton, Wealth Planner and Vice President, Queensborough Wealth Management
  • Melineh Ounanian, Chief Fiduciary Officer, Brown Brothers Harriman Trust Company, N.A.
  • Marguerite Weese, National Director-Family Legacy Strategies, Emerald Advisory Services Group, Wilmington Trust
  • Moderator: Doug Sherry, National Director, Trust Administration, US Bank

On-Demand Sessions

2020 and Beyond: Lessons from the Past Year and Leaning into the Future State of Wealth Management


Growing Your Business with Holistic Wealth Planning

At the home office level, you have the power to implement a holistic wealth planning framework into your firm’s business practices and help prepare your firm to be future-ready. Holistic wealth planning offers advisors strategies to have deeper client conversations and align their services with what clients value most. Hear an overview of holistic planning, how it can benefit your business, where technology comes in, and how to effectively communicate value to your clients.

  • Michael McElroy, Vice President, Practice Management and Consulting, Fidelity Investments


Keeping What You’ve Got and Adding to It

Explore the cost of client attrition, benefits of strong retention and ideas on best practices for building enduring relationships.

  • David Lincoln, Partner, Wise Gateway


Income and Estate Taxation of the Affluent Client: 2021 and Beyond

Income and estate tax laws, and the thinking around them, are a constantly evolving process. This session will discuss what to expect in the new presidential administration, and how to creatively plan for it. Join us as we take a daring look into the crystal ball to see what’s looming and convert ideas into client action.

  • Nicholas Bertha, JD, Managing Director, Director of Wealth and Trust Planning, Fieldpoint Private


Using the Art of Inquiry to Understand Clients Better

Raise your competency and comfort as an advisor with strategies for asking meaningful, probing questions.  Allow responses to guide subsequent questions in order to understand all the individual aspects of your prospect’s or client’s financial life.

  • Dave Coffaro, Principal, Strategic Advisory Consulting Group


The Culture of Performance: Lessons Learned from SpaceX (IMTC)

Performance is everything. With increasing pressures from the market, clients and competitors, wealth management firms are focusing on ways to enhance both investment performance and individual productivity. We’ll draw from Elon Musk and the recent SpaceX launches to explore the meaning of a “culture of performance,” how to boost communication and productivity, and how advanced analytics and technology can enable stronger, more informed decisions.

  • Russell Feldman, Chief Operating Officer, IMTC


Effective Client Communication: The 4S Framework

Learn to develop and articulate a consistent organizational message with the 4S Framework. This effective communication method includes tools and strategic structure for wealth management teams and their internal partners to coordinate a unified message in all client communications. Creating this alignment leads firms toward higher referral rates, increased AUM and improved outcomes for clients.

  • Aaron Alley, CFP®, Senior Manager and Vice President, Dimensional Fund Advisors
  • Jake Dekinder, CFA®, Head of Client Communication, Dimensional Fund Advisors

Managing Clients’ Diverse Needs


Welcoming and Engaging Top Diverse Talent in Wealth Management

Organization: Where does your organization stand on diversity, equity and inclusion? Is it embedded into the organization’s culture and philosophy?

Managers and leaders must have an open mind for talent from different backgrounds and with diverse experiences. Learn how to add value to your organization by employing DEI strategies, such as referrals, peer engagement and adopting a “business imperative” mindset.

  • Pam Albano, Vice President, Recruiting Consultant, Wealth Management, Truist
  • Lisa Ashby, Senior Vice President and Regional Manager, Truist
  • Andre Dyer, Vice President, Equity & Inclusion | Executive Talent Acquisition, Truist


How to VALUE Inclusive Language

In today’s society, being able to respectfully communicate and connect with people whose life experiences differ from ours is essential. This presentation will help you learn how to use inclusive language to deepen relationships with current and prospective clients, as well as your teammates, family and friends.

  • Ryan Sullivan, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, Managing Director, Applied Insights, Hartford Funds


Responsibility Works: Generating Long-Term Wealth through Sustainable Investing

The pandemic has illuminated social issues, igniting investor interest in ESG investing. Getting to the heart of this emerging investment trend presents an unparalleled opportunity for advisors—especially in light of the $68 trillion wealth transfer to younger generations of Americans. Some clients may want investments that have ESG as a primary objective—expressing values or seeking impact—while others may want strategies that incorporate ESG considerations in order to improve risk-adjusted returns. Cultivate a deeper understanding of ESG investing so that you are well-positioned to align your clients’ portfolios with their goals, and ultimately strengthen your client relationships.

  • Mary Green, Client Portfolio Manager, Federated Hermes


The Equality Economy: Growing Your Business within the LGBTQ Community

The LGBTQ investor community has boomedꟷcontrolling about $917 billion of assets and growing. And research indicates that 80% of LGBTQ investors prefer to work with firms that support the LGBTQ community. Get research-based insights about LGBTQ investors and their unique financial needs, and how you can ally yourself with and best serve this community.

  • Jean Dunn, CFP®, Vice President, Client Loyalty Insights Leader, T. Rowe Price


Visualize Retirement: Before You Crunch the Numbers

Help your clients address the one planning need that many pre-retirees may not even know they have: preparing for the nonfinancial side of retirement. Learn the key drivers of retirement “happiness”: lifestyle, healthcare and meaning. Then, better connect with pre-retirees, highlight the benefits to your practice and clients, and outline available resources by audience.

  • Stuart L. Ritter, CFP®, T. Rowe Price


Raising Your Cultural Acumen

As we continue to see the growth of high-net-worth among women and minorities, wealth advisors need to understand what this expansion of wealth means for their practice. Join us to more deeply understand of how these emerging client segments approach their finances and who they feel comfortable guiding them as they seek to articulate their financial goals and priorities.

  • Joel Stone, Senior Vice President, Private Bank Managing Director for the Cincinnati Region, Fifth Third Private Bank


The Dynamic Nature of Clients — Anticipating the Next Life Transition

In addition to investment management, a successful wealth advisor has to be prepared to assume the role of a client’s key advisor to many aspects of their life. Catching clients at their inflection points and anticipating that next life transition is critical to winning clients and keeping them. This session will cover the “typical” life transition points and how advisors can step in and plan for them.

  • Alvina Lo, Chief Wealth Strategist, Emerald Advisory Services, Wilmington Trust


Enhancing Communication and Understanding Generational and Gender Differences in Managing Wealth

This session starts with guidance on communication basics to help advisors prepare to serve a diverse pool of clients. It will then cover recent research that examines gender and generational differences across wealth topics, and the importance of using this data to address clients’ needs.

  • Carolann Grieve, Managing Director, GenSpring Family Office Services
  • Natalie R. Smailes, Director of Governance, Senior Vice President, GenSpring Family Office Services


Redefining What It Means to Be Prepared: Advisor-Led Financial Planning Is Not Enough—So Now What?

Hear how leading bank wealth management organizations are not simply settling for a financial planning culture. During this session, you’ll learn how these banks are leveraging and interconnecting their data, solutions and platforms with financial planning to deliver a more personalized, interactive and unified advice experience across their customer base.

  • Kevin Hughes, Chief Growth Officer, Envestnet Money Guide
  • Alana McMillan, Head of Client Experience, Citi Global Wealth Management
  • Michael Microballi, CFA®, President, The Huntington Investment Company
  • Michael Wilson, Managing Director of Wealth Management, First Citizens Bank
  • Moderator: Todd Copper, CIMA®, Senior Vice President, Institutional Business Development, Envestnet

Owning Risk at the First Line of Defense


Changing Fiduciary Landscape

With legislative, regulatory, and market changes afoot, the landscape for fiduciary services is constantly evolving and adapting. Hear the latest from Washington, DC, and how it will affect the bank wealth management and trust industry.

  • Phoebe Papageorgiou, Vice President, Trust Policy, American Bankers Association


Thoughtful and Experienced Trustees: Guiding Families through the Uncertainty of COVID-19

This session will highlight the fiduciary and practical considerations trustees use to help clients through a crisis, with key takeaways to navigate and prepare for future uncertainty.

  • Aileen C. Denne-Bolton, Vice President and Fiduciary Counsel, Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.
  • Kent Lytle, Senior Vice President and Fiduciary Executive (Retired), Suntrust Bank
  • Laura Mandel, Chief Fiduciary Officer, The Northern Trust Company


Building Diversified “All-Weather” Portfolios

Join us for a broad-ranging conversation about asset allocation in the current market environment.

  • Scott Welch, CIMA®, Chief Investment Officer, Model Portfolios, WisdomTree Asset Management
  • Jon Cheigh, Executive Vice President, Chief Investment Officer and Head of Global Real Estate, Cohen & Steers
  • Ted Finlay, Director, External Manager Research, Fifth Third


Don’t Let This Happen to You: The Perils of Trust Fiduciary Litigation

Join industry expert Robert Sitkoff as he outlines some of the challenges of trust fiduciary litigation and offers insight on how to approach the situation.

  • Robert Sitkoff, John L. Gray Professor of Law, Harvard University


The Risk of Obsolescence

The greatest risk facing wealth managers is the risk of obsolescence.  This panel of industry experts will discuss the future of wealth management, offering strategies for advisors to stay relevant.

  • Jim Dowling, MSFS, CFP®, CLU, ChFC, CAP, Managing Partner, Altium Wealth
  • Bill Martin, CFA®, Chief Investment Officer, INTRUST Bank
  • Gerard Michael, President and Co-Founder, Smartleaf


Fiduciary Oil & Gas Management: Risk Management, Accounting and Revenue Maximization

Hear how fiduciaries can manage risk associated with the management of oil and gas assets held in trust through prudent and proactive management. The presentation will include three key elements of a successful oil and gas management program: planning for ownership and due diligence, asset management and accounting, and risk and title issues.

  • Wes Turiano, Senior Vice President, Director of Oil & Gas Management, Farmers National


OCC Regulatory Update

Hear the latest from the OCC on the agency’s recent initiatives and areas of focus affecting banks’ asset management activities. 

  • Tish Dalton, Director for Asset Management Policy, Market Risk Division, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
  • David Stankiewicz, Technical Expert for Asset Management Policy, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

Power Sessions

Power Sessions (Sponsored Content)


Tax Advantaged Income Strategies to Complement Municipal

Trust teams and their clients are faced with the dual challenge of finding income in a historically low-yield environment, and protecting that income from taxes. The 2017 tax legislation worked well for many individuals and businesses but in, some cases, not for the affluent. Under the new Biden administration, taxes will remain a key issue. Cohen & Steers has applicable insights, with experience identifying inherent tax efficiencies that may help investors diversify sources of income and potentially keep more of what they earn. Hear directly from the experts which investment solutions can provide you the necessary options to build a better portfolio.

  • Neil Bloom, Senior Vice President, Cohen & Steers
  • Brian Cordes, Senior Vice President, Cohen & Steers

Sponsored by Cohen & Steers.


CUSIP 101: Who We Are and What We Do

Join CUSIP Global Services (CGS) for this education overview of CUSIP. Hear the history of CUSIP from the 60s to today, CGS’ operating model and the broader world of financial services in this session designed for all levels of bankers.

  • Matt Bastian, Senior Director, CGS Market Development, CUSIP Global Services

Sponsored by CUSIP Global Services.


Driving Growth through Digital Transformation

As the generational differences between investors continue to increase and the level of diversity is growing, it’s imperative for wealth providers to modernize their platforms and transform digitally to meet the evolving needs of their clients, and to retain advisors who are being lured by organizations with modern wealth platforms.

Join this session to learn whey executing a digital transformation strategy must include a comprehensive wealth platform, and how to position your platform for success.

  • Mike Tropeano, CFA®, Vice President, Wealth Strategic Planning, FIS

Sponsored by FIS.


Seven Ways Top Banks Are Seizing Opportunities in the Current Environment 

Despite the excess liquidity, record low interest rates, limited loan demand and loan loss, digitization and the surge of deposits in 2020, banks today are being presented with a unique opportunity to become more flexible in their liability management strategies—all while maintaining a low cost of funds. Learn how banks can take advantage of this environment to acquire valuable customer relationships.

  • Rob Blackwell, Chief Content Officer, IntraFi Network
  • Steve Kinner, Senior Managing Director, IntraFi Network
  • Dave Koch, Managing Director, Abrigo
  • Matt Pieniazek, President, Darling Consulting

Sponsored by IntraFi Network.


SS&C Wealth Management – Delivering Trust

Trust-enabled wealth management is more important to clients than ever. Learn how SS&C has combined the best-of-breed technologies from three valuable wealth management platforms to deliver a comprehensive and modern technology solution.

  • Gretchen Goode, Product Integrations, Innovest Systems

Sponsored by SS&C Innovest.


The Modernization of Brokered Deposits

During this session, we will review the details of the rule and the potential implications for banks, financial intermediaries and administrators of deposit placement programs. In addition, a brief market update and our expectations for deposit sweep programs in 2021.

  • Kevin Bannerton, Partner, Total Bank Solutions
  • Mark Thompson, Managing Director, Products and Capacity, Total Bank Solutions

Sponsored by Total Bank Solutions.


Bringing Clarity to the ESG Clutter: Helping Clients Make More Informed Decisions

The year 2020 has spurred a significant rise in Environmental, Social and Governance interest and discussions between clients and their advisors about the impact our choices have on others. Because goals vary and ESG investing is not a separate asset class, a single investment strategy or even a single type of action, the prudent approach to take is not the same for all investors. Vanguard will share recent research and insights to help advisors address the key questions being raised by clients on what to do about ESG investing.

  • Douglas Grim, CFA®, Senior Investment Strategist, Vanguard

Sponsored by Vanguard.


Bank Trends, C&I Growth and Market Opportunity

In this session, you’ll get an overview of the banking industry, current market conditions, and outlooks on different industry sectors within the syndicated loan market. Join us to be a part of a discussion on risk and asset management support and ways to serve bank clients.

  • Randy Cameron, Co-Head, Senior Loan Bank Advisory Group, Voya
  • David Wood, Co-Head, Senior Loan Bank Advisory Group, Voya
  • Chris Wilson, CFA®, Senior Client Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income, Voya

Sponsored by Voya.


Organizational Agility and the CFO: Finance Leading from the Front

A changing world requires new ways of working that are smarter, fasters and more agile than ever before. But how do you ensure your organization is built for where the world is going, and not for where it has been? Join Andy Davidson of Workday to understand how you can stay agile in the face of change.

  • Andy Davidson, Global Head, Financial Services Go-to-Market, Workday

Sponsored by Workday.

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