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Core Provider

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  • Functionality & Response to Areas of Focus

  • Quick Facts

Functionality & Response to Areas of Focus

Core Functionality

Core Partner

CSI states that its cloud-based enterprise banking solutions streamline the business of banking by delivering a unique mix of innovative, flexible and secure technologies that empower institutions to grow assets and reach new customers. CSI’s NuPoint core system maximizes a bank’s ability to expand its footprint and provide an enhanced customer experience through a cloud architecture that supports a full suite of integrated enterprise solutions and third-party APIs.

Open Banking

CSI states that its ever-growing open banking API catalog, CSIBridge, utilizes banking as a service (BaaS) by allowing institutions to collaborate with third parties, embed their products and services in an open API, and connect their technologies directly to CSI’s NuPoint core system.

Integrated Digital Solutions

CSI’s NuPoint promotes a customer-centric approach to core banking, with integrated digital tools that allow institutions to attract, engage and retain customers, protect customer and business data, meet compliance demands and combat fraud.

Integrated Payment Solutions

CSI’s fast, secure and integrated payment solutions allow customers to make a variety of payments from any device, anywhere. And its revenue-generating debit program is core integrated, monitored and easy to manage, ensuring the bank saves on card-processing expenses while offering the fraud protection and digital-first card experience customers expect.

Firm's Response to Core Committee's Key Areas of Focus

CSI states that its job is to protect, process and provide access to customer data: 

  • Through its integrated banking solutions that allows the bank and their customers to see the same thing, at any time.
  • Through its CSIIQ solution. This data mining solution offers access to all the bank’s information through defined or ad hoc reports. CSI IQ was developed, in partnership with SAP, to offer quick access to information. Every single field that is available on the core, in digital banking and through EFT are exposed in CSI IQ so that the bank can create reports and dashboards with data across all platforms.
  • CSI’s open API portal, csibridge.com, is available to the broader fintech marketplace.
  • CSI is a member of the Financial Data Exchange (FDX), an organization committed to setting the standard for secure financial data sharing.
  • CSI also belongs to AFINIS (started by NACHA to advance API standardization across the financial services ecosystem.) AFINIS also includes work with the Interactive Financial eXchange Forum (IFX).

Regarding data sharing, CSI states that it believes:

  • The protection of data is its most critical responsibility.
  • Requested data that is relevant to the specific request is all that should be shared.
  • Current processes that use screen scraping to collect information expose more data than may be necessary and put the consumer’s privacy more at risk.
  • APIs offer a more secure alternative to providing access to the relevant information and CSI supports the need to expand API use within the banking industry.

(Including Exclusivity, Coterminous Contracts, Deconversion Fees, Limitation of Liability, SLAs and Early Termination Penalties)

CSI states the following:

  • Contract does not contain exclusivity language.
  • Core-related contracts are coterminous. Generally, managed services or compliance services are not coterminous because they are shorter-term contracts. However, CSI will accommodate if requested by the bank.

Quick Facts

Quick Facts
Headquarters LocationPaducah, Kentucky
Year Established1965
Ownership ModelPublic
Regionally Focused or NationalNationwide
Number of Cores Offered2
Name of Core SolutionNuPoint and Meridian
Number of US Banks on the Core438 live, 24 pending, total 462
Target Bank Asset SizeLess than $10 Billion
Business StrategyCSI states its strategy is to continue national expansion efforts by offering a complete technology suite designed for community financial institutions that is supported by its outstanding service model. CSI states it’s relentless when it comes to innovation, fairness and integrity.



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