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Join the Bank On Movement

ABA encourages banks of all sizes to take part in this industry-wide financial inclusion initiative

Bank On Financial Inclusion Webinar Oct. 26

Whether your bank is preparing to join the Bank On movement or looking to grow its current program, join the free conversation on Oct. 26 and get marketing and data sharing tips to maximize your efforts.

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The vast majority of consumers in the country have a bank account and enjoy the safety, security and benefits that come with it. But there are still some who remain outside the banking system. For those individuals, access to a simple transaction account can be a first step toward long-term financial security.

As part of ABA’s commitment to reduce the number of unbanked and underbanked people in the country, we are encouraging all banks to join the Bank On movement by offering low-cost, basic accounts that meet the Bank On initiative’s National Account Standards. By taking this step, your bank will demonstrate your commitment to financial inclusion, while also adding new customers in the process.

How it Works

Bank On connects consumers to safe and affordable bank accounts. The Bank On national platform, led by the nonprofit Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund (CFE Fund), helps individuals navigate the marketplace and easily identify accounts that meet their needs. When an account is Bank On certified, consumers know it has features they are looking for, including low or no fees, no overdraft charges, online bill pay and other basic attributes—giving them more confidence to begin or restart their banking relationship with the right tools to manage their money.

Across the country, Bank On coalitions help match consumers with financial institutions in their community that offer the “certified” accounts. To date, close to 90 state or city coalitions work to connect residents to the 24,000 financial institution branch locations in the U.S. that currently offer a Bank On-certified account.

Bank On Account Certification

With more than 100 financial institutions now offering certified accounts, the Bank On movement is accelerating. Many of these institutions already had qualifying accounts and were able to apply, at no cost, for a Bank On certification through the CFE Fund. For those banks that don’t currently offer accounts that meet every Bank On standard, the industry’s top core providers, who provide the operational backbone for many banks, have committed to simplifying the process for banks to create and offer qualifying accounts.

Help move the needle on economic inequality by joining the growing list of banks that offer Bank On certified accounts. To sign up, visit joinbankon.org/certify.

Visit Bank On ABA members offering certified accounts

About Bank On

The Bank On National Account Standards were created by national nonprofit organization the Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund—or CFE Fund—and are widely supported by consumer advocates and the financial services industry.

More Resources

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  • Inclusive Banking resource page – all of ABA’s news, training and event opportunities, and policy updates to support banks’ financial inclusion efforts

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