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My bank has a customer who is requesting a statement in Braille. Is the bank required to provide them? How are other banks handling these requests?

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires covered entities to "communicate effectively" with disabled customers by providing "auxiliary aids and services." It does not dictate what those auxiliary aids and services are, but there is an expectation that businesses communicate with customers to determine how best to meet their needs for the particular transaction—recognizing that a more significant accommodation may be required for a more complex transaction, e.g., closing a mortgage loan versus a more routine transaction like cashing a check.

Many banks provide Braille materials upon a customer’s request. Below is a list of vendors that can assist with providing Braille products and services. ABA also advises that banks train representatives on how to respond to such requests or provide them with the contact information to someone who can help with such requests.

ABA has no first-hand experience with these produces and does not endorse any of these products.


T-Base Communications produces sleeves that fit over a debit or credit card and contain the card’s information imprinted in Braille or large front. T-Base also specializes in website accessibility, e-Text, and the conversion of text to audio formats, such as accessible bank and mortgage statements.

Metrolina Association for the Blind

Metrolina produces Braille-imprinted card sleeves, as well as Braille, large print, audio CD, and accessible PDF account statements and custom documents. The company also offers transcription and print/audio services for any one-time or infrequently required document that a customer seeks to be converted to an accessible format.

Braille Works

Braille Works produces Braille, large print, audio, and accessible PDF documents, such as financial statements. It also offers screen-reader accessible files.

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