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Banking Fundamentals

Develop Your New Generation of Bankers

Successful onboarding requires you to engage new employees and invest in their success. You can do that by offering them valuable training that gets them up to speed in their careers.

Banking Fundamentals is a suite of courses that teaches the principles of banking in a convenient, online format. Each course is designed to educate, develop and engage employees in a collaborative environment, with the coaching and guidance of experts.

Included Courses

Courses are designed for initial and ongoing development. Assign your new hires to one course, and schedule the others as your employees grow their careers.

  • The Banking Industry
    An essential introduction to banking informs, prepares, inspires and motivates new bankers as they embark on their careers.
  • Bank Lines of Business
    A comprehensive review of banking products and services develops an understanding of how banks innovate to serve customers’ needs.
  • Building Customer Relationships
    A strategic look at maintaining strong customer and partner relationships while building critical relationship management skills essential to successful careers.


  • An innovative learning experience that explores banking fundamentals through in-depth discussions, real-world assignments, engaging multi-media resources and peer collaboration.
  • Content to give students a better understanding of their role in supporting customers' needs and driving revenue growth
  • Anytime, anywhere access from any device. Each course is four weeks long and requires a two-to-three hour commitment per week.

Make Banking Fundamentals Your Onboarding Solution

  • Short learning units
  • Interactive learning 
  • Intuitive interface
  • Convenient and flexible

Purchase for a Team

To license this course to your bank for multiple learners, please contact ABA Training.

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Individual Registration

This course is also available as facilitated training, for purchase by individuals.



Banking Fundamentals – The Principles of Banking Online