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ABA Conference for Community Bankers

February 10-13, 2019 • Hilton San Diego Bayfront • San Diego, CA

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​Educational Sessions

  • The Changing Landscape of Liquidity
    Liquidity is under pressure. Loan growth is outpacing deposit growth. Loans are becoming a higher percentage of total assets, while wholesale funding levels are increasing. Learn what every bank should do to develop a "best practice" approach to liquidity management.

  • Funding Your FI in the New Age
    We're facing a economic environment not seen in over a decade. Rate expectations are rising, loan demand is stripping institutions of high liquidity levels and core funding growth is at stake. Hear ways to get a "leg up" on these concerns.

  • Change is Coming
    Directors and senior officers must be strategic in transforming their bank's business models in order to succeed and avoid becoming acquisition targets. Today's banks must embrace a different culture by cultivating employees who can thrive in 2019 and beyond.

  • Digital Lending: Managing Compliance and Security Risks
    Digital lending improves the customer experience and has the potential to lower the cost of origination. But dealing with "self-serve" borrowers and other parties online can create new risks for community bankers. Learn the risks of digital mortgages from a blue-ribbon panel of legal, banking and fraud experts.

  • Faster Payments: What Does It Mean for Community Banks?
    Payments have undergone dramatic transformation over the past five years. They no longer run silently in the back-office, but have created new opportunities to reduce expense and drive revenue while facilitating innovation. Learn what you need to know to position your bank for future success.

  • Digital Transformation and Sustaining the Customer Experience
    Digital transformation is about effectively using technology to meet customers' needs in their preferred digital channel. In retail banking, this begins with opening and funding a deposit account. Explore how banks and fintechs are partnering to make the most of this high-stakes challenge.

  • AI: The Benefits of a GRC Platform
    An integrated governance, risk and compliance platform (GRC) can be leveraged to lower operational costs, improve decision-making and reduce organizational risk. Learn how improvements in computing technology and advancements in artificial intelligence are making GRCs accessible to community banks.

  • Staying Relevant in an Evolving Landscape
    It's more challenging than ever for a community bank to define the optimum path to success. How do you evolve to meet your customers' needs while still supporting your local community? Hear sage advice from a 35-year banking veteran on how to help your bank adapt and thrive.

  • How to "Make Banking Cool" and Attract, Retain and Engage Top Talent
    The war for top talent is on. That means it's time for new and creative strategies for attracting, retaining and engaging the right employees for your bank. Explore the most effective ways of optimizing the "employee experience" to find and keep top talent.

  • Cybersecurity Response Program
    Many cybersecurity experts believe it's not a matter of if you will experience a cyber incident, but when. This makes incident response planning a critical component of any cybersecurity program. Learn the benefits of stress testing your banks response program to prevent, respond to and recover from attacks.

  • High Performance Banks: You Won't Believe Their Numbers
    High performing banks are adept at suing publicly available performance data. Learn to emulate the top performers by taking cures from the numbers, using a proprietary index of "true" community banks, get the metrics and strategies that lead to success.

  • Addressing Legal Clarity on Cannabis Banking
    Cannabis has been legalized in some form by 31 states but remains illegal under federal law. As a result, banks face significant risks, including criminal and civil penalties, and regulatory action. Learn what banks from legalized states are doing to convince regulators and lawmakers of the need for greater clarity.

  • Teams and Teams of Teams
    Today's community banks require a high degree of collaboration. We all work on teams and many organizations partner with others on strategic initiatives, but all too often, teams fail to reach their full potential. Learn to inspire your team to excel based on shared goals, clear roles and group norm. The goal is to create teams hat energize, produce, effectively manage conflicting work styles and are aligned with your organizational goals.