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Independent Research Program | Trust School - Advanced


The Independent Research Program consists of three case studies chosen from four options. Student responses to each case study provide practical application to theories presented in the ABA Intermediate Trust School curriculum. Students will:

  • Analyze a situation
  • Consider available options
  • Recommend alternatives

Results should optimize client objectives while generating new business opportunities. Students spend an average of 8 - 10 hours completing each case study. Experienced industry practitioners evaluate each student's case study, and provide individual feedback.

Independent Research Program Case Study Topics

  • Investment Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Estate Planning Midlife
  • Estate Planning for Seniors

Benefits of Completing the Independent Research Program

  • Provides practical application to theories learned in the classroom.
  • Develops students' research skills & the ability to take action in non-routine situations.
  • Develops students' ability to analyze complex situations and explain them to management and clients.
  • Assists in preparing students for the CTFA exam.
  • Qualifies toward the ABA Trust Schools diploma.