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How will Stonier work as a virtual program?

We are confident that Stonier students will enjoy an exceptional virtual experience in 2021. Last year, Stonier held a very successful virtual program for Years 2 and 3 by working with Wharton’s experienced technology team to transition to a virtual environment.  This year’s program will include informal networking and engaging session formats to foster greater student interaction. 

When will Stonier take place?

The Stonier 2021 program runs June 4 – 11, excluding the weekend. Classes will be held weekdays for four to five hours per day, with regularly scheduled breaks. Class schedules will be posted on the Stonier Student Communication webpages. 

Will this year’s content vary from previous years?

Stonier’s virtual program covers the same scope of content as our in-person program. We will continue to provide extensive offerings, including three new classes for 2021 on socially responsible banking, business analytics and interpersonal communications. 

I have paid tuition. Will I receive credit for the discounted 2021 virtual rate? 

Yes, you will receive a refund payable to your bank or organization. All reimbursements will take 4-6 weeks to process and will require your institution’s ACH information to expedite payment. 

If I register for the June 2021 virtual session, will all subsequent sessions take place online? 

Stonier has gone virtual this year in response to COVID-19 and the University of Pennsylvania’s on-campus restrictions. When the environment changes, Stonier will return to on-site classes. However, we are committed to exploring hybrid learning modules that can meet diverse student needs in the future. 

Does the ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking virtual program provide CPE credit?

To adhere to NASBA strict requirements, a virtual program must include several monitoring mechanisms such as real-time engagement, polling questions, hand raise feature, etc. The sessions are live, based on the same weekly schedule we offer in-person. We also ask that each student have their camera on during the program.

The virtual program is a live offering and includes these items. Stonier attendees can qualify to earn both CPE (Continuing Professional Education) credit and ABAPC (ABA Professional Certification credit) towards the ABA Certifications such as CRCM, CTFA, CERP.


Can you explain how the technology will work?

The Stonier virtual program uses Wharton’s online platforms and technical support. The platform is convenient and easy to navigate. It’s also the proven technology that made Stonier 2020 a success.

  • Canvas is Wharton’s Learning Management System (LMS) where class schedules, files, handouts and faculty bios are located. 
  • BlueJeans is a video platform accessible from Canvas. Classes are delivered through BlueJeans. 
  • Zoom is used for Capstone Project presentations (Year 3) and networking events.
  • Year 1 students will work on a team-based online Wharton simulation through a custom platform.  


What can I expect from a virtual networking experience?

Your fellow students at Stonier are a diverse and accomplished group! We encourage you to be proactive in reaching out to colleagues in your classes, working groups and virtual networking sessions. Building a professional network at Stonier will reap tremendous benefits in the years to come. 

Keep Me Informed

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