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Sessions and Content

How do I access the school content, both during and after the event?

Registered students will receive access instructions before the school begins. Students can view live and on-demand sessions beginning April 11. These are the main platforms used for the school, each with their own instructions for logging in:

  • ABA’s Learning Management System (LMS): Access all course materials here. Live sessions will be conducted via Zoom. You can access the Zoom link through the “Sessions and Recording” tile on the LMS school page.
  • CrowdCompass: Engage with faculty and fellow students during your breaks and downtime.

All content will be available through June 30, 2022.

What does "on-demand" mean?

Recorded sessions that will be available on ABA’s LMS 24 hours after the live course takes place. All school sessions, both recorded and live, will be available on-demand until June 30, 2022. This allows you to view any courses you may have missed during their live offering, as well as the recorded courses, at a time convenient for you.

What if I don't receive the link to access the school?

Contact [email protected] and a member of the ABA team can provide you with one.

Can I share my log in with others?

Just like an in-person school, registrations cannot be shared. Your registration provides you with a secure, single sign-on.

How much time should I expect to be online during the event days?

Please refer to the school schedule for live session times. Please note all times are listed in Eastern Time (ET).

Will breaks be included? Will the sessions be interactive?

Yes, breaks are built in each day. The sessions will also include frequent Q&A, audience polls and other interactive features. You may ask questions via the chat feature, which will be moderated throughout each session.

Will session materials (handouts or PPTs) presented during the school be made available in advance?

All registered students will receive a hard copy notebook mailed to their chosen address. The notebook contains copies of the instructors’ slides, and teaching materials for students to take notes on and use for reference. 

Am I able to share downloadable school content?

While PDFs and supplemental materials from aba.com may be available to download on the LMS until June 30, 2022, please note that no recordings or sessions may be shared at any time. 

Event Platform

Your login credentials, and instructions on accessing the event platform, will be sent to you via email on March 28, 2022.

What are the technical requirements of the platform?

If you have not yet participated in training through the LMS, you will want to consult with:

Below is a link for testing your computer with Zoom:

Do I have to participate in the school from the same device used to register? Our training manager typically handles all the sign-ups but will not be the one participating.

Your registration login can be used on any piece of equipment, but you do have to use the email address that was provided when you registered. Make sure the person in charge of registering provides individual emails, so each student can sign in using the required single sign-on credentials.

Will the school have a single login where a group from the same institution can attend together?

The school is a single sign-on experience, and intended only for individuals. Each registration is just for a single person, and the content can't be exported out of the platform for a shared experience. Only registered attendees will be eligible for CE credits.

I’m not sure if my company allows access to Zoom. Can I still participate?

Zoom access is required for the most optimal school experience. If your company doesn’t allow access to Zoom, we encourage you to use a personal device such as a computer or tablet. You can listen to Zoom sessions over the phone, but it is our belief that the school will be most valuable to those that participate in the Zoom via computer or tablet.

How will I gain access to the platform?

Look for an email shortly before the school begins with login credentials and instructions.

Can I connect with other students?

There will be opportunities to network and connect with students, faculty and Bank Marketing School Advisory Board members over the course of the school.

Tips for Success

Before school begins:

  • Notify your manager and co-workers you collaborate with frequently that you’ll be in school
  • Block out your schedule on your calendar during class time
  • Utilize an “out of office” message for your e-mail

During school:

  • You will be asked to keep your camera on when possible. We have found this helps keep everyone engaged. Dress appropriately and ensure you are in an appropriate environment. 
  • Keep your microphone on mute when not talking. 
  • When typing questions in chat, be as clear as possible. The question may not be answered immediately, so it is important that the question is worded in a way that makes sense after the fact. 
  • During sessions, stay on topic in the chat.
  • If you have technical issues, let ABA staff know immediately. We will provide you with contact information for this scenario. 

Keep Me Informed

Get updates on the next session of the Bank Marketing School. Contact John Capotosto if you have any questions.