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ABA reviews and updates its online courses often, especially compliance-related courses. It is important to know if the updates required a new version of the course or if the version stayed the same.

Below, is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers that will help clear up confusion you may have regarding the Course Update Schedule(s).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an Update/Review and a Re-version?
It boils down to whether or not users will automatically get the updated information or if a re-enrollment in the course is necessary.
  • Reviews/Updates are generally seamless to users. The new and/or updated content is visible the next time the student launches the course from their transcript provided that they are enrolled in the most current version of the course and their version number (in the footer of the course window) matches the Current Version # on the course update schedule.
    A course update does not require a new version if there have been no structural or major technical modifications to the course.
  • Re-versions require a re-enrollment on the ABALMS in order to see the new and/or updated content. Or, if you are running the course on your own LMS, they require you to reload the course and follow your LMS vendors recommendations for ensuring that the latest content is visible to your end users.
    When a course update requires structural or technical changes such as publishing the course in a new authoring tool, ABA must create a new version of the course. Fewer updates fall into this category. In these cases, the only way for employees to get the new content is to be assigned the new version – they will not automatically receive the updates. So the decision, for Admin, is whether the change warrants the students to be assigned the new version or not.
Where can I get more details about what changed?
Through ABA's monthly Admin eNews email . This email contains a summary of, as well as details about, course updates/reviewes/re-versions, and a heads-up about what's coming down the line. If you are an ABA LMS Admin and not recieving these emails, please contact Eric Hensley ([email protected]) asking to be added to the Admin eNews email list.
What does the column for "Last Reviewed" date mean?
This is the date that each course was last reviewed by ABA staff. ABA Frontline Compliance courses are reviewed annually. We schedule reviews to coincide with when changes are coming to specific regulations that will impact the course.
What does the column for "Last Reversioned" date mean?
Most course updates do not require a structural or technical modification to the course which allows us to apply the update to the existing version. Occasionally an update does require us to alter the course structure or technology significantly, thus necessitating a new version. If the course IS NOT a new version then anyone who has already been assigned the course will automatically get the updated content. If it IS a new version then students must be assigned the new version course to see the updated content.

Note for Content Hub clients: This column is particularly important to you as you conduct an audit of the versions you have on your LMS vs. the most recent versions available from ABA. Updates not requiring a new version will automatically be visible to your students provided that they are enrolled in the most current version of the course. New versions will need to be downloaded to your LMS and the old version will need to be replaced with the new version on your user transcripts. Please adhere to your LMS vendor’s best practices for course version management.
Why is the "Current Version #" important?
The current version number is included on the Course Update Schedule so that you can check to ensure you and your users are using the most current version. Simply, compare the version # in the bottom left footer of the course that you have on our LMS to the version number on the Update Schedule. If the Update Schedule indicates a greater version number than the one you or your students are viewing, you must download the latest version. If the version number you and your users see matches the Current Version number on the Update Schedule, Updates will be seamless to you and your users until the next time we Reversion the course.
What does the column "Next Review" mean?
This is the tentative date the course will be reviewed by ABA staff.
What does the column "Reversion Planned" mean?
This column indicates whether the next review/update is expected to result in a new version of the course or not.