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Self-Paced Online Courses Update Schedule

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Alphabetical Course Update Schedule

*Subject to change based on required regulatory update.
**Reviewed to meet current regulations, but no changes were made.

Business Banking and Commercial Lending

Course Length
Course TitleLast Review or Update
Last Reversion
Current Version
31:00Certificate in Business and Commercial LendingFeb-19Sep-1511
6:30Understanding Business Borrowers (5 courses)Feb-19Sep-152
6:00Analyzing Business Financial Statements and Tax Returns (6 courses)Jan-19Feb-162
6:30Analyzing Personal Financial Statements and Tax Returns (4 courses)Jan-19Feb-162
6:30Qualitative Analysis and Determining a Credit Risk Rating (4 courses)Jan-19May-185
7:30Loan Structuring, Documentation, Pricing and Problem Loans (5 courses)Jan-19Feb-162
0:45Fundamentals of Small Business Banking Suite (2 courses)Feb-18Jan-181
0:20Small Business BasicsJan-18Jan-181
0:25Small Business Operating and Life CycleFeb-18Feb-181
0:50Small Business Borrowing SuiteSep-19Sep-191
0:20Small Business Products SuiteOct-19Oct-191

The Commercial Real Estate Lending Decision Process Series (RMA)Jan-19Jan-19
2:30Series 1: Types of CRE Loans, Risk Areas and Performance DriversJan-19Jan-19
3:25Series 2: The CRE Underwriting ProcessJan-19Jan-19
2:50Series 3: Financing Different Types of Commercial PropertiesJan-19Jan-19
3:50Series 4: Understanding and Evaluating Leases, Appraisals and Environmental AssessmentsJan-19Jan-19
3:25Series 5: Loan Structure and Documentation ConsiderationsJan-19Jan-19
6:00Series 6: Construction LendingJan-19Jan-19

The Lending Decision Process Series (RMA)Feb-20Feb-2019
3:45Series 1: Industry, Management, and Economic InfluencesFeb-20Feb-203
8:15Series 2: Interpreting Quality of Financial Reports and AccountsFeb-20Feb-203
12:00Series 3: Analyzing the Company's Financial Performance and ConditionFeb-20Feb-205
8:00Series 4: The Cash Cycle, Seasonality and Discovering Borrowing Causes and Repayment SourcesFeb-20Feb-204
5:30Series 5: Analyzing Cash Flow Statements to Measure Long-Term Repayment AbilityFeb-20Feb-204
6:15Series 6: Using Financial Projections to Fine Tune the Credit AnalysisFeb-20Feb-204

CEO and Leadership

Course Length
Course TitleLast Review or Update
Last Reversion
Current Version

ABA-Wharton Emerging Leaders Certificates - NEWFeb-19Feb-19
12-16 hrsStrategyFeb-19Feb-191
8-12 hrsEngaging and Motivating TalentFeb-19Feb-191
4-12 hrsAdvanced Emerging LeadershipFeb-19Feb-191
0:25Ethical Issues for BankersDec-19Feb-164
1:15Leadership in Action SuiteFeb-18Jan-181
0:15Authentic LeadershipMay-18May-182
0:15Building Collaborative TeamsMay-18May-182
0:15Communicating VisionMay-18May-182
0:15Managing ChangeMay-18May-182
0:55Leveraging the Benefits of a Diverse WorkforceJul-19Jul-162
2:30Bank Director Training SeriesSep-18Sep-181
0:15Board Oversight: Compliance ManagementApr-19Aug-181
0:15Board Oversight: Compliance Control ActivitiesApr-19Aug-181
0:15Board Oversight: Preparing for the Compliance ExamJul-19Aug-181
0:15Board Oversight: Post Compliance Exam ActivitiesJul-19Aug-181
0:15Board Oversight: BSA/AML/OFACAug-18Aug-181
0:15Board Oversight: Insiders and Regulation OAug-18Aug-181
0:15Board Oversight: Fair LendingApr-19Aug-181
0:15Digital Trends: CybersecurityAug-18Aug-181
0:15Digital Trends: BlockchainAug-18Aug-181
0:15Digital Trends: PaymentsAug-18Aug-181


Course Length
Course TitleLast Review or Update
Last Reversion
Current Version
7:15ABA Certificate in BSA and AML Compliance Mar-20Jan-161
1:40Anatomy of a Regulation for Compliance ProfessionalsApr-20Jun-162
1:00BSA/USA Patriot Act for Compliance ProfessionalsSep-20Jul-151
1:40Community Reinvestment Act, Community Bank (CRA) for Compliance ProfessionalsJan-19**Jun-163
1:40Community Reinvestment Act, Large Bank (CRA) for Compliance ProfessionalsFeb-19Jun-162
1:40Credit Card Regulations for Compliance ProfessionalsApr-20Jun-162
0:40Digital Compliance for Compliance ProfessionalsJul-20**Jul-151
1:10Electronic Funds Transfer Act (Reg E) for Compliance ProfessionalsJul-20Jul-151
1:40Elements of a Compliance Program for Compliance ProfessionalsApr-19Jun-162
2:30Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) for Compliance ProfessionalsOct-19Oct-164
0:40Expedited Funds Availability Act (Reg CC) for Compliance ProfessionalsSep-19Jul-151
2:30Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) for Compliance ProfessionalsNov-19Jun-162
1:00Federal Flood Insurance Regulations for Compliance ProfessionalsJun-20**May-184
0:15Good Faith Estimate and HUD-1 for Compliance ProfessionalsJul-19Aug-151
2:00Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) for Compliance ProfessionalsApr-19Jun-162
1:00Loans to Insiders (Reg O) for Compliance ProfessionalsDec-19Jun-162
0:45Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) for Compliance ProfessionalsDec-19Jul-151
1:30Privacy/Information Sharing for Compliance ProfessionalsMay-20**Jul-151
2:00Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) for Compliance ProfessionalsJul-19**Jun-162
0:30Reg Z Ability to Repay (ATR) and Qualified Mortgage (QM) for Compliance ProfessionalsOct-19Jun-162
2:30Reg Z Closed-End Credit for Compliance ProfessionalsAug-20Jun-162
2:30Reg Z Open-End Credit for Compliance ProfessionalsAug-20Jun-162
0:20Reserve Requirements for Depository Institutions Act (Reg D) for Compliance ProfessionalsJun-20Jul-151
1:40Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) for Compliance ProfessionalsAug-20Jun-162
1:00Truth in Savings Act (Reg DD) for Compliance ProfessionalsSep-19**Jul-151
1:40Unfair, Deceptive, or Abusive Acts or Practices (UDAAP) for Compliance ProfessionalsJul-19Jun-162


Course Length
Course TitleLast Review or Update
Last Reversion
Current Version
0:12Bank Marketing: Building Customer RelationshipsNov-17Nov-171
7:45Marketing in a Digital WorldOct-18Nov-165
3:30Marketing in a Digital World: Digital Campaigns SuiteOct-18Nov-165
0:45Build Your CampaignOct-18Oct-183
1:15Find Your AudienceOct-18Oct-183
1:00Search Engine OptimizationOct-18Oct-183
4:15Marketing in a Digital World: Social Campaigns SuiteOct-18Nov-163
1:15Leveraging LinkedInOct-18Oct-183
1:15The Power of FacebookOct-18Oct-183
1:15Strategic TwitterOct-18Oct-183

Residential Mortgage

Course Length
Course TitleLast Review or Update
Last Reversion
Current Version
2:00Handling Mortgage Inquiries and Making ReferralsJun-19**Jul-162
2:30Mortgage Customer Counseling and PrequalificationAug-19**Jul-162
1:00Appraisal ProceduresJan-19Apr-164
0:45Basics of Mortgage ProcessingApr-16Apr-162
1:00Completing the HUD-1 For Loans Not Covered Under TRIDJan-18Apr-164
0:30Determining Your Role in Fraud PreventionOct-18Oct-181
1:00Discovering FHA ProgramsApr-16Apr-164
1:30Essentials of Mortgage LendingJan-19Apr-162
1:00Explaining Loan ModificationsJan-19Apr-162
0:30Mitigating Potential Fraud in Your OrganizationOct-18Oct-181
1:00Preparing the Closing DisclosureApr-16Apr-162
1:00Preparing the Loan EstimateApr-16Apr-162
1:00Processing and Underwriting CreditApr-16Apr-164
1:00Processing Income and AssetsApr-16Apr-164
1:00Reviewing the Appraisal ReportApr-16Apr-164


Course Length
Course TitleLast Review or Update
Last Reversion
Current Version
1:20Payments Systems SuiteSep-18Sep-181
0:40Payments System Emerging ProductsSep-18Sep-181
0:40Payments System TrendsSep-18Sep-181

Retail Banking

Course Length
Course TitleLast Review or Update
Last Reversion
Current Version
2:20Banking Basics SuiteNov-17Nov-171
0:12  Bank Marketing: Building Customer RelationshipsNov-17Nov-171
0:12  Bank Payment Systems and TechnologyNov-17Nov-171
0:12  Bank Sales and Service: Expanding Customer RelationshipsNov-17Nov-171
0:12  Banks and Personal Wealth ManagementNov-17Nov-171
0:12  Banks and the Deposit FunctionNov-17Nov-171
0:12  Banks and the EconomyNov-17Nov-171
0:12  Banks as a BusinessNov-17Nov-171
0:12  Business and International Banking ServicesNov-17Nov-171
0:12  Introduction to BankingNov-17Nov-171
0:12  Lending as a Cornerstone of BankingNov-17Nov-171
0:12  Safeguarding Bank Assets and the NationNov-17Nov-171
0:12  Safeguarding the Customer and the BankNov-17Nov-171
0:20Coaching to Support the Sales Process SuiteJan-18Dec-183
0:15Communicating VisionMay-18May-182
0:20Communication Basics SuiteDec-19**Nov-171
5:40Community Bank Suite – Foundational SkillsApr-19Apr-191
2:03Community Bank Suite – Management SkillsOct-18Oct-181
1:12Community Bank Suite – Onboarding BasicsOct-18Oct-181
0:35Community Bank Suite – Sales SkillsDec-18Sep-193
3:00Dealing Effectively with Co-workersOct-18**Jun-164
1:00Employment LawJul-19Feb-171
1:40Essentials of Workplace ConductMay-20**Jun-164
1:30Essential Selling Skills BundleJan-18Sep-197
0:15  Effective Referrals SuiteJan-18Dec-184
0:20  Making the Client Call SuiteJan-18Dec-184
0:20  Overcoming Objections SuiteJan-18Dec-183
0:15  Relationship Sales SuiteJan-18Sep-195
0:20  Sales Planning SuiteJan-18Dec-183
0:30Event NetworkingDec-18**Dec-161
0:40Fundamentals of Consumer Lending SuiteJan-18Jan-181
0:20  Consumer Credit BasicsJan-18Jan-181
0:20  Consumer Loan ProcessJan-18Jan-181
0:12Growing Small Business Relationships SuiteOct-19Oct-191
3:00Improving ProductivityDec-18**Aug-163
3:00Introduction to Analyzing Financial StatementsMay-20Jul-164
1:30Management Essentials SuiteNov-19**Sep-171
0:15  CoachingNov-19**May-182
  Corrective ActionNov-19**May-182
0:15  Effective MeetingsNov-19**May-182
0:15  Employee RecognitionNov-19**May-182
0:15  InterviewingNov-19**May-182
0:15  Managing PerformanceNov-19May-182
2:00Managing ChangeMay-18May-182
2:00Managing Time at WorkNov-19**Apr-163
0:50Presentation Skills SuiteNov-19**Nov-171
0:10Online Communication SuiteNov-17Nov-171
6:00Personal Tax Return AnalysisOct-16Feb-164
2:00Referring Insurance and Annuity ClientsJun-20Feb-164
0:35Referring Investment ClientsMar-20Feb-164
0:40Referring Trust ClientsMar-20Feb-163
0:25Relationship Sales for Small Business Clients Suite
1:45Selling in a Social WorldAug-17Aug-171
0:40Sexual and Workplace HarassmentJan-20**Nov-164
1:00Sexual and Workplace Harassment for ManagersJan-20**Nov-164
2:00Successful Sales Campaigns (Creating Sales Campaigns)Jul-16Jul-163
5:05Teller Basics SuiteSep-17Nov-172
2:05Transitioning Careers – Basic Bank Training for Veterans SuiteNov-18Dec-183
1:18Understanding Consumer Bank Products SuiteJun-20Jun-201
0:20Verbal Communication SuiteNov-17Nov-171
0:30Why Quality Customer Service Matters SuiteJan-18Jan-183
0:20Written Communication SuiteNov-17Nov-171

Risk Management

Course Length
Course TitleLast Review or Update
Last Reversion
Current Version
5:15ABA Certificate in Financial and Credit Risk ManagementJul-19Jul-191
0:50Financial Risk Management: Interest Rate RiskJul-19Jul-19
0:45Financial Risk Management: Liquidity RiskJul-19Jul-19
0:45Introduction to Credit Risk ManagementJul-20Jul-19
0:40Credit Risk Management: Managing, Monitoring, and MeasuringJun-20Jul-19
0:40Credit Risk Management: Retail LendingJun-20Jul-19
0:45Credit Risk Management: Commercial and Agricultural LendingJun-20Jul-19
0:45Credit Risk Management: Other Sources of Credit RiskJul-20Jul-19
10:00ABA Certificate in Operational Risk ManagementJul-19Feb-171
0:45Elements of an Operational Risk Management ProgramJul-20Feb-171
1:00Cybersecurity ManagementJul-20**Jul-161
0:45Fraud and Criminal ThreatsJul-20Feb-171
0:45Incident Management and ResilienceJul-20Mar-171
0:45Operational Risk Model ManagementJun-20Feb-171
0:45Oversight and Management of Operational RiskJul-20Feb-171
0:45Payments and SettlementsJul-20Mar-171
0:45Physical SecurityJul-20Mar-171
0:45Regulatory Exam ManagementJul-20Feb-171
0:45Risk and Control Self AssessmentJul-20Feb-171
1:00Vendor Risk ManagementJul-20Jul-161
8:00ABA Certificate in Risk Management FrameworksJul-19Jul-181
0:45Introduction to Enterprise Risk ManagementJul-20Jul-181
0:40Board and Senior Management OversightJun-20Jul-181
0:40Risk IdentificationJun-20Jul-181
0:40Risk Policies, Procedures & LimitsJun-20Jul-182
0:40Risk Management Control FrameworksJul-20Jul-181
1:15Enterprise Risk Management ReportingJul-20Jul-181
0:50Risk Measurement & EvaluationJun-20Jul-181
0:40Risk MitigationJun-20Jul-181
1:00Risk MonitoringJul-20Jul-181
5:20ABA Certificate in Fraud Prevention Mar-19Mar-162

Wealth Management and Trust

Course Length
Course TitleLast Review or Update
Last Reversion
Current Version
0:55Account Acceptance and TerminationFeb-19Jun-163
0:55Asset Allocation and Portfolio ManagementApr-19Feb-172
0:55Basic Characteristics of a TrustJan-19Jun-162
0:55Bond Selection and AnalysisJan-19Jun-162
0:25Developing a Personalized Wealth Management StrategyMar-20Mar-201
0:25Developing and Delivering a Compelling Personal Value PropositionMar-20Mar-201
2:00Discretionary DistributionsFeb-20Jun-162
0:55Duties and Powers of the TrusteeMar-19Jun-162
0:55Economics & MarketsFeb-19Jun-162
0:55Education Planning Solutions for MinorsApr-19**Jun-162
0:25Effective Client Engagement Through "Wealth Personas"Mar-20Mar-201
0:15Emotional Intelligence for Wealth AdvisorsMar-20Mar-201
0:25Engaging in Multigenerational Conversations with ClientsMar-20Mar-201
0:55Estate and Guardian AdministrationMar-19**Jun-162
0:55Estate Planning for Charitable GivingFeb-20Jun-162
0:55Estate Planning for IRAs and Qualified Plan BalancesFeb-19Jun-162
0:55Estate Planning for the Marital DeductionFeb-20Jun-162
0:55Estate Planning Solutions for the Business OwnerMay-19Jun-162
0:55Estate Planning to Achieve Client GoalsFeb-20Jul-162
0:35Fiduciary EthicsJul-20Jul-201
1:45Fiduciary Income TaxApr-20**Jun-162
2:25Fiduciary LawJan-18Jun-162
0:55Fundamentals of Alternative Investment ProductsApr-19Jun-162
0:55Fundamentals of Life InsuranceJul-17Jun-162
0:55Generation-Skipping Transfer TaxMar-20Jun-162
0:55Gift TaxationMar-20Jun-162
0:55How Trusts Are TaxedMay-19Jul-162
0:55Income Tax PlanningMar-20Jul-162
3:35Introduction to Estate PlanningMar-20Jul-164
3:25Introduction to Investment ManagementJan-19Oct-164
0:30Introduction to IRAsMar-20Jul-163
0:55Introduction to Planning for Retirement AssetsMar-20Jul-162
2:25Introduction to Trust AdministrationApr-19**Jul-164
0:55Investment PolicyMar-19Jul-162
0:55Investment ProductsMay-19Jul-162
0:30Know Your CompetitionMar-20Mar-201
0:25Managing the Dynamic Nature of Client Financial NeedsMar-20Mar-201
0:25Mastering the Art of InquiryMar-20Mar-201
0:55Managing Life Insurance PoliciesJul-19Jul-162
0:55Minimizing Fiduciary Risk and LitigationFeb-19Jul-162
0:55Planning for Estate TaxMar-20Jul-162
0:55Prudent Portfolio ManagementMar-19Jul-162
0:55Special Needs TrustsJan-18Jul-162
0:55Stock Selection and AnalysisApr-19Jul-162
0:20Structure Analysis and AdviceMar-20Mar-201
1:00Types of InsuranceFeb-19**Sep-163
0:25Understanding Fiduciary PrinciplesMar-20Mar-201
0:55Understanding Transfer TaxMar-20Jul-162
3:30Health Savings Account (HSA) Expert Certificate (7 modules)Mar-19Mar-191