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The Power of Your Client’s Money Story in Financial Planning | Wealth Management & Trust Conference

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The future in wealth management is evolving and the strength of the relationship between the advisor and client is now the benchmark for long-term success. This shift requires those in the industry to master a new frontier – client psychology.

A great way to learn more about client psychology is through money stories. Money stories are a collection of thoughts and feelings about money and wealth that influence every financial decision a person makes. Due to the money silence in our society and families, many clients are unaware of how these generational family money messages influence their ability to save, invest, and plan for a secure future. The advisor who helps them identify and when necessary, rewrite their story will stand out among the competition and just might have a client for life!

In this interactive 3-hour workshop, discover a powerful, yet easy-to-use tool that helps you uncover a client’s money story while fostering trust across generations. Attend and walk away with: 

  • What a money story is and its influence on financial planning 
  • The impact of these stories on financial behaviors and wellbeing
  • How an advisor’s money story influences the client engagement 
  • A simple tool for identifying client’s money stories and generational patterns
  • A method for helping clients identify and change unhealthy money mindsets
  • Strategies for using money stories during discovery, annual meetings, and to initiate family wealth conversations

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