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FAQs | Risk and Compliance Virtual Conference

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Sessions & Content

How do I access all of conference content, both during and after the event?

The conference features both live and pre-recorded sessions that registered attendees can view beginning July 28. All registration passes (with the exception of Marketplace-only pass) provides access to the virtual exhibit hall, networking spaces with fellow risk and compliance professionals, and additional ABA resources. All of this content will be available through October 1, 2020.

What does "on-demand" mean?

On-demand sessions are pre-recorded and will be available on-demand through the conference platform beginning on the first day of the live dates. All conference sessions, both recorded and live, will be available on-demand until October 1. This allows you to enjoy the live sessions and other interactive opportunities each day without having the pressure of viewing the pre-recorded programming — unless you want to.

When and how can I access the virtual conference?

Registered attendees will receive a link via email to the Intrado platform before the first live session begins on July 28. The link will be sent to the email address you used to register and is how you will access all of the conference content. You’ll use the same link each day to access the platform for the live conference and whenever you choose to view the on-demand content.

What if I don't receive the link?

Contact [email protected] and a member of the ABA team can provide you with one.

Can I share this link with others?

Just like an in-person meeting, registrations cannot be shared. The registration provides a single sign-on secure experience for the user.

When will times and schedules for live sessions be announced?

We expect to update the agenda with a detailed schedule of live events in the weeks closer to the event, and we will send a notification once the schedule is available.

How much live content will there be on July 28, 29 and 30?

Each day will feature 1-2 live sessions in the morning and again in the afternoon. Expect each day to begin around 10 AM ET and end by 4 PM ET with breaks for marketplace and peer interactions and lunch. On-demand sessions will complement the live portions of the agenda (see the next question).

You can expect all sessions to be between 30 and 45 minutes.

How much time should I expect to be online during the event days

During breaks from the live sessions, you can visit other areas of the conference, like the networking lounge and exhibit hall while logged on to the platform. You will also have access to all on-demand content as soon as the conference opens on July 28. We want you to be able to participate in as much as you can each day without missing out on everything the event has to offer. We’re already getting prizes put together for the exhibit hall!

Will session materials (handouts or PPTs) being presented during the conference be made available in advance or after sessions have been completed?

All session materials will be available two ways: as downloadable visuals during the presentation and through the traditional aba.com presentations page. The link to the attendees-only page will be sent to attendees prior to the conference start. This will be the only downloadable site as all content on the platform will remain secure and only accessible through the single sign-on login.

Will live content be available after the fact via recording, or only live?

Live content will be recorded, subject to speaker permission, and put on the platform for on-demand viewing.

How long will on-demand content be available?

Content will be available for you to experience and/or revisit until October 1, 2020. While the interactive chatrooms and other portions of the platform will close after the live event ends July 30, you will still be available to view session content and click on exhibit booths to speak with exhibitors offline.

Am I able or allowed to share downloadable conference content?

While PPT and supplement materials from aba.com will be available to download until Oct. 1, please note that no recordings/sessions of any kind that are accessed on the platform can be downloaded (or shared) at any time. This is a single sign-on/no group sharing of content, meaning your registration is just like a conference badge at an in-person event.

CE Credits & ABA Certifications

Is the Risk and Compliance Virtual Conference eligible for CPE? If so, how many CPE and what is the process?

No, the conference is not eligible for CPE.

How many CEs are available for each registration type?

Registration TypeMax # CE Credits Allowable
All Access Pass20 CERP, 25 CRCM, 6.75 CAFP
Risk Only Pass15 CERP, 5 CRCM, 2 CAFP
Compliance Only Pass5 CERP, 20 CRCM, 4.75 CAFP

How will credits get applied?

ABA Professional Certification credit will be submitted solely to the registrant’s record on their behalf within two weeks after the live portion of the event has concluded.

How can I learn more about CRCM certification?

To learn more about gaining your CRCM certification, visit aba.com/CRCM.

Event Platform

Do I have to watch the conference from the same device used to register? Our training manager typically handles all the sign-ups but will not be the one participating.

Your registration login can be used on any piece of equipment, but you do have to use the email address that was provided when you registered. Make sure the person in charge of registering provides individual emails, so every attendee can sign in using the required single sign-on credentials.

Will this have a single login where a group can attend together, or is it intended as an individual attendance?

The conference is a single sign-on experience and intended only for individuals. Each registration is just for a single person, and the content can't be exported out of the platform for a shared experience. Only registered attendees will be eligible for CE Credits.

Is Intrado an app, or is it streaming?

Intrado is not an app. It is a cloud-based secure streaming conference solution, and the conference features a secure single sign-on requirement. ABA’s webinars are held on Intrado, too, and the conference platform is simply a more robust environment. Content and information can’t be lifted from the platform for use elsewhere.

How will I gain access to the platform?

Look for an email about a week before the conference opens on July 28 with login credentials and instructions.

Can I connect with other attendees?

There will be an opportunity to engage in a freeform live chat lounge with peers in your asset category on the live days of the conference.

Billing & Pricing

Does the price include multiple attendees like a webinar setting?

The event is hosted on a single sign-on platform. It only allows one user to navigate through the platform and experience sessions, the exhibit hall, chatrooms and more. Each registrant must log in with a unique email address.

What is the difference between each package and their price?

 MarketplaceGeneral SessionsRisk and Compliance Dual TrackRisk TrackCompliance TrackCERP or CAFP
Certification Fee
All-Access PassIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
(see restrictions)
Risk Track Only PassIncludedIncluded*Included
Compliance Track Only PassIncludedIncluded*Included
Marketplace OnlyIncluded

All Access Pass

The All Access Pass gives you access to everything—every general session and track offered, as well as access to the Marketplace. Also, each paid All Access Pass registration includes a complimentary exam fee (see restrictions) for either the Certified Enterprise Risk Professional (CERP) or Certified AML and Fraud Professional (CAFP), brought to you by ABA Certifications.

ABA Certification Holders: $850 | ABA Members: $950 | Nonmembers: $1250

Risk Track Only Pass

Access to all general sessions, risk track sessions and the Marketplace.
*Also includes access to sessions in the Risk and Compliance Dual Track noted as "of interest to both risk and compliance officers."

ABA Certification Holders: $550 | ABA Members: $650 | Nonmembers: $950

Compliance Track Only Pass

Access to all general sessions, regulatory compliance track sessions and the Marketplace.
*Also includes access to sessions in the Risk and Compliance Dual Track noted as "of interest to both risk and compliance officers."

ABA Certification Holders: $550 | ABA Members: $650 | Nonmembers: $950

Marketplace Only

For bankers who only need access to our industry providers, we are offering complimentary access to the Marketplace during designated hours. Please note that this does not include access to any sessions or interactive features outside of the Marketplace. Cost is Complimentary.

What if I registered for only a portion of the content and now want access to all of it? Can I do this?

Yes, contact [email protected] and we can modify your registration.

Can I register for single sessions or do I have to purchase a package?

You must purchase a package. Single sessions are not available.