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Solutions Spotlight: Asurity Technologies

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Solutions Spotlight: Asurity Technologies

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Asurity Technologies empowers the financial services business community with dynamic solutions that relieve the burden of complex and expensive regulatory management. From loan origination to fair lending management, Asurity Technologies provides 100% compliant smart loan documents and risk analysis and reporting backed by an ecosystem of expertise from engineering to regulatory law, and a committed customer and technical support team. Through Asurity’s comprehensive compliance platform, we combine regulatory and technical expertise to build powerful web-based solutions to ease the burden of complex compliance. MRGDocs, Asurity’s smart loan document platform, dynamically generates guaranteed compliant documents with local, state, and federal regulations for every loan type. RiskExec, Asurity’s risk analysis and reporting solution, enables proactive management of redlining and fair lending risks and submissions for HMDA and CRA, through an easy-to-use web-based dashboard.