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Focused Business Tracks | Conference for Community Bankers

CRE Lending Track

Commercial real estate lending is a major business driver for community banks. Last year’s CRE lending track had CEOs raving about the management strategies and best practices. Bring your commercial team to the conference and benefit from the sessions, actionable takeaways and team discount.

The Board and Management’s Role in Overseeing Credit Risk

Explore the roles the board and management play for a successfully managed bank. Get practical suggestions that address topics like regulatory expectations, meeting fiduciary duties and strategic imperatives, and the techniques and strategies needed to manage and control CRE.

Federal Regulators Discussion: Commercial Real Estate Trends & Emerging Risks

The commercial credit cycle is ever evolving—rapid growth, slowdown and credit risk. Learn what your prudential regulators are seeing in CRE trends emerging risks in the market today. Find out where the warning flags are from the regulatory experts. 

The Landscape of Commercial Markets: Economic Overview

Understanding the developing CRE trends in your market is essential for the top commercial lenders active in CRE markets. Get a current overview of the CRE real estate landscape and current data critical for every bank’s CRE loan portfolio management, credit offering, analysis and future deals.

How Top Performing Banks Grow Through Sales Techniques

Learn how top commercial loan officers use proven sales techniques to win the best real estate deals without bargaining away the banks’ profits.

Best Practices for Managing a Sales Team

Experts will discuss best practices to manage and coach your salesforce, offer insights on how they use the latest technology to manage leads and different rewards programs to improve the bottom line.

NEW - Payments Lab

Payments are at the heart of your bank’s digital relationships—and the safer, faster and seamless your payments system, the more engaged your customers will be. Cut through the confusion and get insights into building a payments strategy that suits your organization.

Why Should I Care About Payments?

The payments experience requires a strategic focus in order to stop disruption within your revenue stream. Lay the groundwork for your payments strategy by understanding trends and disruptors and the regulatory landscape that could be potential opportunities. Gain practical insights into thinking strategically.

Profitability in Payments

While banks may offer multiple payment products to provide better customer service, that doesn’t always lead to a profitable outcome. Discuss product strategies and review best practices in credit and debit, all with an eye toward providing a better value proposition to your customers and a profitable outcome for your bank.

Competitive Analysis and Marketing Strategy

Looking at payments through a strategic lens requires a laser focus on driving revenue, and an awareness of your competition both in and out of banking. Take a look at some of the key competitors in the payments space, and how different marketing strategies are being deployed to drive engagement and adoption.

Payments: Digital and Onboarding Experience

Critical to a successful onboarding experience is understanding how banks interact with their customers along the purchase path. Take a closer look at trends in the digital landscape and discover practical steps to developing an experience map for your cards/digital products.

Payments: Risk and Vendor Management

Vendor relationships play a significant role in the overall payments strategy. But the customer only sees your brand if anything goes awry. Discuss the current vendor landscape and identify opportunities to optimize your vendor relationships to ensure a seamless experience for your customers.

Peer Exchange: Where Should Payments Live?

The power of collective conversation provides an opportunity to learn how other banks handle their payments business. Discuss how to align payments strategy with organizational strategy, review the role and responsibilities of the ideal product manager, and the politics of payments and setting up your bank for success.

This program is subject to change. Please bookmark this page to check for continuing updates. Read ABA Conference and School Policies.