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Educational Sessions | Conference for Community Bankers

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The Paradigm Shift in Corporate America from Shareholders to Customers

Fostering a reputable brand is essential to ensuring profit is the effect and not the cause. And while profit is the “fruit” of a great company, the root and cause of success is the brand. Learn how to shift your focus toward building a brand that motivates management, employees and customers to take actions—and contributes to your bottom line.

Solving the Deposit Dilemma and Maximizing Bank Value with M&A

The deposit dilemma is leading to curtailed growth and operational adjustments can be time consuming—M&A can offer a valuable path for your bank. Learn to define your bank’s M&A focus using smart analytics and a proactive process that efficiently locates opportunities and creates deals before they hit the market. Take home essential techniques to help you compete.

Blindsided: How to Respond When a Vendor Is Hacked

What’s worse than having to deal with the fallout of a vendor breach? Not being prepared with a response plan. Get a game plan for identifying types of data breaches, defining notification timelines, and addressing legal, public relations and IT issues—so you can better integrate an incident management strategy into your vendor management programs and practices.

Strategic Planning: It’s Not Just About the Numbers

All banks should undergo a strategic planning process to help identify and achieve future success. Find out what regulators require and the secrets behind the numbers. Uncover effective methods that encourage employees, management and directors to champion your bank’s future.

Remaining Independent in a Consolidating Environment

Discover 10 fundamental strategies to remain an independent community bank in a consolidating environment. Topics covered include the necessity of returning to core profitability, ensuring your bank has the optimal organization structure and planning for independence.

Lessons Learned from Banking Cannabis-Related Businesses

Hear updates on federal and state legal developments governing the provision of financial services to cannabis-related businesses. Learn best practices for provision of financial services, including CIP, customer due diligence and initial diligence; risk rating and tiering of customers; ongoing monitoring; and suspicious activity and currency transaction reports.

Banking on the Success of Multi-Generational Family Businesses

Banking America’s best business-owning families is a great opportunity, but one fraught with risk. Learn actionable solutions to minimize the bank’s risk and maximize the opportunity to perpetuate these multi-generational enterprises. Get practice during a case study review applying these principles, and be prepared to implement immediately with clients.

Strengthening Your Liquidity Management Process with a New Regulatory Focus

Loan growth is outpacing deposit growth. Wholesale funding levels are increasing and so is the potential for deposit attrition. Get insights that address the changing liquidity landscape in our industry, and what every bank should be doing to develop a best practice approach in liquidity management regardless of the levels of liquidity you have today.

Reinvigorate and Modernize Your Residential Lending Operations

Unpredictable volume, thin margins, shifting regulatory requirements and record-high origination costs have conspired to put intense pressure on bank mortgage operations. Get an analysis of mortgage origination pressures and explore solutions to re-design and relaunch a successful, profitable mortgage business.

The Intentional Board: Paths to Director Diversity

Diversity on your board is more than a matter of checking a few boxes—it’s about identifying qualified directors who provide different perspectives based on different backgrounds, life experiences and mindsets. Learn how banks can improve operations by increasing their boards’ racial, ethnic and gender diversity.

Innovation, Efficiency and Growth

Hear how one bank is on track to more than double its assets in 18 months due to innovation, while balancing its expense with cost savings and efficiencies. Get advice from the bank’s chief innovation officer on instituting a culture of innovative progress, while sharing how your bank has been inventive and resourceful in improving operations and revenue.

The Servant Leader

Servant leaders contribute to the well-being of teams and the community by motivating and inspiring others. Presented by the ABA Women’s Leadership program, this session will provide key considerations and action steps for improving the effectiveness of a leader’s organization through empathy, shared team values, establishing an inclusive vision, and embracing mentoring, sponsoring and other opportunities to support and build team members.

Collaboration and Inclusivity

Understanding your strengths, challenges, privileges and power will help you enhance your working relationships with others and become a more inclusive collaborator. Use the ‘reciprocity ring’ format with peers to identify, capture and articulate ways to lead more effectively your bank toward inclusivity.

This program is subject to change. Please bookmark this page to check for continuing updates. Read ABA Conference and School Policies.