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Mortgage Fulfillment

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Mortgage Fulfillment

Brought to you by: Promontory MortgagePath

In this episode: 

Ken Janik, Managing Director, Head of Fulfillment Operations, Promontory MortgagePath
Paul Katz, Managing Director, Head of Bank Relations, Promontory MortgagePath


promontory mortgage path
Promontory MortgagePath

Promontory MortgagePath LLC combines extensive lending expertise with trailblazing tech leaders to provide efficient, cost-effective mortgage fulfillment solutions and point-of-sale technology to lenders of all sizes. Founded in 2015, Promontory MortgagePath is a fast-growing team of passionate problem solvers on a mission to fundamentally change the way lenders approach their mortgage businesses. The company’s founder, former U.S. Comptroller of the Currency Gene Ludwig, is widely recognized as a far-sighted thinker on the critical issues confronting financial services and his companies are renowned for their ability to help community lenders resolve their most-pressing challenges. To learn more, visit mortgagepath.com. Promontory MortgagePath LLC | NMLS ID 1532373