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Sessions and Content

When and how can I access the virtual event?

On Sept. 10, you will receive an invite link to the event platform in our event “Agenda and Access Link” email. This link will provide access to the platform through March 31, 2022. You will access the three bi-monthly virtual programs using the same platform.

What if I don't receive the link?

Contact [email protected] and a member of the ABA team can assist you.

Can I share this link with others?

Just like an in-person meeting, registrations cannot be shared. The registration link provides a single sign-on secure experience for the user.

How long will content be available on the platform?

Content will be available for viewing through March 31, 2022.

Will session documents (handouts or PPTs) be made available?

PDF session documents (if provided by the speaker) will be available for download via the platform until March 31, 2022. The event platform will be the only site for session documents.

Am I able or allowed to share downloadable event content?

While PPTs and supplemental materials will be available for download until March 31, 2022, please note that no platform recordings or sessions of any kind that are accessed can be downloaded (or shared) at any time. This is a single sign-on event, meaning your registration is just like a badge at an in-person event. However, the virtual format makes it easy to register additional team members at a very attractive price – and with no travel and hotel costs.

Event Platform

Do I have to participate in the event from the same device used to register?

You can access the platform on any device.

Does this have a single login where a group can attend together, or is it intended as an individual attendance?

The event is intended only for individuals. Each registration is just for a single person, and the content cannot be exported out of the platform for a shared experience. 

What is the event platform? Is it an app or streaming service?

Sessions will take place on Zoom and you will access all content using a desktop version of the Crowd Compass app. 

Can I connect with other event attendees?

The CFO Exchange and additional sessions are very interactive and there will be plenty of opportunities to network and connect with attendees and speakers.


Can I register for single sessions or do I have to purchase the full event?

Your registration for the virtual CFO Exchange includes a half-day, four-hour virtual event, and three virtual one-hour sessions that will take place every other month. If you register by July 31, you will also have access to a bonus virtual pre-session event.

Keep Me Informed

Get updates on the CFO Exchange as we develop this year's program. Contact Sharon Radziewski if you have any questions.