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About the Partnership | ABA-Wharton CEO Leadership Lab

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About the ABA and Wharton Partnership

ABA's partnership with the world-renowned Wharton School helps deliver outstanding leadership learning. Wharton provides the breadth and depth of knowledge needed to address the realities of leadership in today's constantly evolving market, and its faculty members have in-depth experience working directly with leading companies and policy makers around the world.

Building on our relationship with Wharton, we are proud to offer a tailored leadership learning experience for bank presidents and CEOs through the ABA-Wharton CEO Leadership Lab.

Leading your institution through changing regulations, evolving competition and other industry disruptions is no easy task, and your business is constantly adapting, with new opportunities and threats at every turn. This is where you turn to ABA. We know banks, and we understand the issues you face every day.

We are combining our unique industry insights with the in-depth knowledge and research from one of the nation's leadership learning powerhouses, to bring you the opportunity of a strategic learning experience like no other. Plus, you earn the Wharton Leadership Certificate.

Your organization's rising leaders can also benefit from our Wharton partnership through the ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking, located at the University of Pennsylvania. Our Wharton partnership allows us to provide an unparalleled learning experience for Stonier students, with graduates earning both a Stonier Diploma and a Wharton Leadership Certificate.