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What to Expect | ABA Risk 2021

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Here’s a sneak peek at what’s waiting for you during ABA Risk 2021, filled with in-depth sessions, resources and lots of networking fun!

Who Should Attend?

This all-encompassing virtual event is focused on raising awareness and equipping risk professionals across the bank, including: 

  • First line risk managers who own the risk
  • Second line risk professionals over-sight of risk controls
  • Third line internal auditors as the bank’s last line of defense

What’s Covered? Why Do You Need it?

The past year was filled with new types of risks, which will continue impacting your bank well into 2021 with increased speed and urgency. Sessions offered will include strategies for: 

  • Enhancing the bank’s overall risk governance program
  • Strengthen the quality of risk management monitoring and reporting
  • Understanding economic challenges and impacts on Financial and Credit risk
  • Rapidly evolving operational risks spanning across remote workforces to sophisticated cyber-attacks such as ransomware
  • Proactively responding to emerging threats and safeguarding the bank’s reputation

ABA Risk 2021 is specifically focused on bank activities comprised of:

  • Risk governance and enterprise risk management practices
  • Non-financial, financial, and credit risk categories
  • Covering excessive risk through insurance risk management practices
  • Quantifying risks through Model risk programs.

Keep Me Informed

Get updates on ABA Risk 2021 as we develop this year's program. Contact Dorothy Friedlander if you have any questions.