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CFSSP Continuing Education Credit Options

Pre-Approved ABA Options

The following ABA programs have been pre-approved for Certified Financial Services Security Professional (CFSSP) continuing education (CE) credits as indicated below:


Program TitleCredits
ABA Insurance Risk Management Forum, January 21-24, 20183.50
ABA/ABA Financial Crimes Enforcement Conference, December 3-5, 201721.50
ABA Leading Practices for Financial Crimes Investigations, December 2, 20177.50
ABA Regulatory Compliance Conference, June 11-14, 2017 up to 7.75
ABA Risk Management Conference, March 26-28, 2017up to 11.75
ABA Insurance Risk Management Annual Forum, February 5-8, 20175.25


Browse Available Programs

Program TitleCredits
Preparing for Safety and Security Threats at Your Institution, September 26, 20191.25
Social Media and Digital Security Emerging Threat Landscape for 2019, May 1, 20190.75
Social Media Attacks and Trends for 2019, March 14, 20190.75
Social Network Threat Analysis, January 17, 20192.00
Social Media and Digital Security Emerging Threat Landscape, November 6, 20180.75
Social Media Attacks and Trends for 2018, September 13, 20180.75
Social Media and Digital Security for Financial and Banking Institutions, July 25, 20182.00
Card Fraud—It is a Jungle Out There, December 5, 20171.25
The Looming Cyber Threat to Financial Institutions, October 19, 20171.25
Account Takeover Fraud—The Ever Present Threat, July 13, 20171.25
Part 3 - Reg E Potpourri, April 27, 20172.50
Part 2 - Reg E Errors & Disputed Transactions, April 13, 20172.50
Part 1 - Reg E Products & Services, March 30, 20172.50

Online Training Courses

Course TitleCredits
Active Aggressor for Employees0.75
Active Aggressor for Managers1.00
Bank Bribery Act0.50
Banking Basics Suite0.50
BSA/AML: CIP Advanced0.75
BSA/AML: CIP Basics0.75
BSA/AML: Communicating with Customers about CTRs0.50
BSA/AML: Completing the CTR 1.00
BSA/AML: Complying with the BSA0.50
BSA/AML: Exempting Customers from CTR Reporting0.50
BSA/AML: Overview0.25
BSA/AML: Recordkeeping-Wires, Money Orders, and other Challenges0.50
BSA/AML: Reporting0.50
BSA/AML: Risk Assessment and Customer Due Diligence0.25
BSA/AML: SAR Reporting1.00
Certificate in BSA and AML Compliance 7.75
Certificate in Deposit Compliance2.50
Certificate in Fraud Prevention6.75
Certificate in Operational Risk Management5.50
Cybersecurity Management1.25
Electronic Funds Transfer Act (Reg E) for Compliance Professionals1.50
Ethical Issues for Bankers1.00
Expedited Funds Availability Act (Regulation CC)1.75
Fraud and Criminal Threats1.00
Fraud Recognition and Prevention1.00
Incident Management and Resilience1.25
Information Security and Red Flags 1.00
Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)0.50
Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) for Compliance Professionals1.00
Payments and Settlements1.00
Physical Security1.00
Reg E Consumer Liability0.50
Reg E Disclosures Requirements0.50
Reg E Error Resolution Requirements0.50
Reg E Gift Cards0.50
Reg E Overdrafts0.50
Reg E Overview0.75
Reg E Payroll Cards0.25
Reg E Preauthorized Transfers0.25
Reg E Prepaid Accounts1.00
Robbery and Bank Security1.00
Truth in Savings Act (Regulation DD)1.25

Important note

Please note that ABA no longer offers the CFSSP examination. ABA continues to support the CFSSP professional certification here for those who have already earned the CFSSP and continue to maintain it.

Maintain the CFSSP

Other CE Options and FAQs

See links below for all general types of programs that do and do not qualify for continuing education credits, along with frequently asked questions.

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