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Maintain the Certified Financial Services Security Professional (CFSSP)

Important: Please note that ABA no longer offers the CFSSP examination. ABA continues to support the CFSSP professional certification here for those who have already earned the CFSSP and continue to maintain it.

To maintain your Certified Financial Services Security Professional (CFSSP) in good standing, you must:

  • Complete and report 24 continuing education credits every three (3) years;
  • Pay the annual renewal fee;
  • Adhere to the Professional Code of Ethics.

Continuing Education

Coursework completed prior to achieving the certification is not eligible for CE credit.

Continuing education (CE) programs do not require pre-approval by ABA. However, a continuing educational program must relate to one or more knowledge areas found on the CFSSP examination outline.

Programs that Qualify for Credit

Calculating Continuing Education Credits

To calculate your CE credits, divide the number of instructional minutes by 50. Fifty (50) minutes of instruction equals one (1) credit. Round up this number to the nearest quarter hour. Do not include breaks or meal functions; motivational speeches; business meetings; introductory remarks; non-guided, unstructured group discussions; or award presentations or receptions.

Carry-over Credits

If you earn excess CE credits over the course of your 3-year CE cycle, ABA will automatically carry over to the next CE cycle up to 8 credits (1/3 of total requirement).

Carry-over credit is a benefit only available to those members who report their CE by the cycle due date. These credits are added in March following the close of the CE cycle.

How Do I Report My CE Credits?

Please enter your continuing education credits in the ABA Certification Manager.

Certification Manager Login

Renewal Fee

A CFSSP Renewal Fee is assessed annually once certification has been granted. A discount is applied to a certification holder who holds more than one certification. Group discounts are not available. Fees are subject to change without notice.

Certification Renewal Fee$199
Two ABA Certifications15% Discount
Three or More ABA Certifications30% Discount

Renewal notices are sent in October for the renewal due date of January 31.

Code of Ethics

ABA recognizes the importance of promulgating a code of ethics that emphasizes the conduct, competency, knowledge, professionalism, integrity, objectivity, and responsibility of each person qualifying as a candidate for certification.

Certified professionals must adhere to the outlined Professional Code of Ethics.