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CTFA Continuing Education Credit Options

Pre-Approved ABA Options

The following ABA programs have been pre-approved for Certified Trust and Financial Advisor (CTFA) continuing education (CE) credits as indicated below:

Conferences/Schools - Due to changes in content, new program credits are added 30 days prior to the date of the event. Please check back to see actual credits approved:


Browse Calendar of Events

Program TitleCredits
ABA Wealth Management and Trust Conference, February 23-25, 2020TBD
Insurance Distribution Exchange, September 23-25, 20193.50
ABA Trust School - Foundational, September 22-27, 201947.00
ABA Trust School - Intermediate, September 22-27, 201946.50
ABA Trust School - Advanced, September 22-27, 201944.00
ABA Wealth Management and Trust Conference, February 10-12, 2019 21.25
ABA Trust School - Foundational, September 23-28, 201847.50
ABA Trust School - Intermediate, September 23-28, 201846.50
ABA Trust School - Advanced, September 23-28, 201846.25
ABA Wealth Management and Trust Conference, February 25-27, 2018up to 23.75


Browse Available Programs

Program TitleCredits
Understanding IRA Required Minimum Required Distributions, November 21, 20191.25
Recent Developments in Estate and Trust Administration, December 5, 20192.50
Planning with FLPs and LLCs: Alive and Well, November 7, 20192.50
Uniform Acts Impacting Trusts and Estates, October 3, 20192.50
Developments in Life Insurance Planning, September 5, 20192.50
Key Custodial Practices for Holding Private Assets in an IRA or HSA on August 8, 2019 1.25
Tales from the Crypt, June 6, 20192.50
Fiduciary Litigation, May 2, 20192.50
What Should a Married Couple's Estate Plan Be Post 2017?, April 4, 20192.50
Current Issues in Charitable Giving, March 7, 20192.50
Security and Privacy Issues for Fiduciaries and Clients, February 7, 20192.50
Navigating the New Uniform Fiduciary Income and Principal Act, January 20, 20192.00
Trust & Financial Advisors Services Recorded Briefings Suite, 9 recordings, 201821.50
Recent Developments in Estate and Trust Administration, December 6, 20182.50
HSAs, the Fiduciary Rule and Congress: Connecting Health and Wealth, November 13, 20181.25
Prudent Investment Rule and Concentration Issues, November 1, 20182.00
Decanting Issues, October 4, 20182.50
Issues that Arise with Grantor Trusts, September 6, 20182.50
Ethical Issues for Trust Professionals, June 7, 20182.50
Fiduciary Litigation Workshop, May 3, 20182.50
Understanding How Properly to Value Closely Held Businesses Held in IRA and Other Fiduciary Accounts, April 17, 20181.25
Trustee's Duty to Account and Disclose, April 5, 20182.50
Annual Exclusion Gifts and Other Gifting Strategies, March 1, 20182.50

Online Training Courses

Course TitleCredits
Account Acceptance and Termination1.00
Asset Allocation and Portfolio Management1.00
Banking Law and Referrals1.00
Basic Administrative Duties of a Trustee12.00
Basic Characteristics of a Trust1.00
Bond Selection and Analysis1.00
BSA/AML: CIP Advanced0.75
BSA/AML: Complying with the BSA0.50
BSA/AML: Exempting Customers from CTR Reporting0.50
BSA/AML: Overview0.25
BSA/AML: Recordkeeping-Wires, Money Orders, and Other Challenges0.50
BSA/AML: Reporting0.50
BSA/AML: Risk Assessment and Customer Due Diligence0.25
BSA/AML: SAR Reporting1.00
Certificate in BSA and AML Compliance3.25
CTFA Exam Online Prep
Coursework completed prior to achieving the certification is not eligible for CE credit
CTFA Investment Management: Catch Up On CE Credits6.00
Discretionary Distributions1.00
Duties and Powers of the Trustee1.00
Economics & Markets1.00
Education Planning Solutions for Minors1.00
Elder Financial Abuse0.50
Estate and Guardian Administration1.00
Estate Planning to Achieve Client Goals1.00
Estate Planning for Charitable Giving1.00
Estate Planning for IRAs and Qualified Plan Balances1.00
Estate Planning for the Marital Deduction1.00
Estate Planning Solutions for the Business Owner1.00
Ethical Issues for Bankers1.00
Fiduciary Income Tax1.00
Fiduciary Law1.00
Fundamentals of Alternative Investment Products1.25
Fundamentals of Life Insurance1.00
Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax1.00
Gift Taxation1.00
A Guide to Ethics in Fiduciary and Trust Activities0.75
A Guide to Ethics in Financial Planning0.50
A Guide to Ethics in Investments1.25
A Guide to Ethics in Tax Law and Tax Planning0.50
How Trusts are Taxed1.00
Income Tax Planning1.00
Introduction to Analyzing Financial Statements3.75
Introduction to Estate Planning2.00
Introduction to Investment Management2.75
Introduction to IRAs0.75
Introduction to Planning for Retirement Assets1.00
Introduction to Trust Administration2.00
Introduction to Trust Products and Services12.00
Investment Policy1.00
Investment Products1.25
IRA Online Institute37.00
Managing Life Insurance Policies1.00
Minimizing Fiduciary Risk and Litigation1.00
Planning for Estate Tax1.00
Privacy for Customer Contact Personnel0.50
Prudent Portfolio Management1.00
Right to Financial Privacy Act (RFPA) 0.75
Special Needs Trusts1.00
Stock Selection and Analysis1.00
Types of Insurance1.00
Understanding Transfer Tax1.00

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