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Marketing Network Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome! If your question is not listed here, please give us a call at 1-800-BANKERS.

General Membership Questions

  • QHow can I acquire an ABAMN membership?
    A. Membership may be obtained by purchasing online through our shopping cart or calling ABA at 1-800-BANKERS.
  • Q. Do you have to be an ABA member institution to be an ABA Marketing Network member?
    A.  No; however, there is a membership discount if you belong to an ABA member institution.
  • Q. What are the benefits of membership?
    A. A list of membership benefits is available in the Membership area of the ABA Marketing Network webpage.
  • Q. What are the annual membership rates?
    A. Membership rates are:
    $295 for employees of ABA member banks or Service members
    $395 for individuals at non-ABA member banks and organizations
  • QWhat type of memberships does ABA Marketing Network offer?
    A. ABA Marketing Network only offers individual membership and is intended for employees at a financial institution directly responsible for the marketing function.
  • Q. How long will it take for a member to receive membership welcome/renewal confirmation email?
    A. Membership welcome/renewal confirmation emails are send out approximately 24-48 hours from the time the membership purchase was processed.
  • Q. How do I check if I have an ABA Marketing Network membership?
    A.  Contact us at 1-800-BANKERS

Member Questions

  • Q. How do I renew my membership?
    A. Two quick and easy ways to renew your membership are purchasing through our online shopping cart or calling us at 1-800-BANKERS.
  • Q. I have a question about my renewal invoice?
    A. Contact Member Services by calling us at 1-800-BANKERS.
  • QHow is a transfer of a membership handled?
    A. Contact us at 1-800-BANKERS and request a membership transfer.  There is no fee to transfer the remaining time period of a membership to another individual.
  • Q. How do I notify ABA Marketing Network of my new address, phone, etc.?
    A. Send an email to
  • Q. I have a question about the ABA Marketing Network professional networking groupsite.  Who can I call?
    A. Contact Larry Price at (202) 663-5378 or

​If your question is not listed here, please give us a call at 1-800-BANKERS.