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ReliaMax® is the nation’s only financial technology-based company to provide an end-to-end turnkey package of loan origination, servicing, insurance, and capital markets support for private student loans. Hosting a proprietary database spanning 25 years of over $14.5 billion in private student loans performance and underwriting data on one million borrowers, ReliaMax offers banks, credit unions, marketplace and alternative lenders and investors up to 100% loan loss protection. Providing stable returns, ReliaMax has helped over 450 lenders profitably deliver private student loans to their current customers and generate new customers. ReliaMax leverages its student loan experience through custom analytical models to help lenders achieve their compliance, operational and financial goals while meeting stringent regulatory requirements. ReliaMax itself has insured over $2.6 billion in private student loans since 2009, helping over 100,000 borrowers finance their education and achieve their dreams. Learn more at

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